• Pspice model of ADUM3123

    Hi we would like to build a high voltage pulsing circuit with the ADUM3123 but can't find a pspice model for it. We are hesitant to plug in high voltage without first simulating. Does anyone know where we could find this model? I've already looked online…

  • ADUM3123 Fsw maximum question?

    i see datasheet, the fsw maximum is 1MHz?   if we need to work to 6.78MHz, that is ok?

    currently i need a gate drive for drive wolfspeed "C3M0065090D" (Vgs-on=15V, Vgs-off=0V), our application is "wireless charger" and topology is "class-EF".…

  • Question about ADuM3123 Truth Table

    Hi All,

    Is the following condition written in the Truth Table in the ADuM3123 data sheet correct?

    VDD1:Powered, VDD2:Unpowered, Vo:Indeterminate

    Regarding the ADuM3223, Vo becomes "L" status at the same VDD condition.

    VDD1:Powered, VDD2…

  • [ADuM3123] Disable pin description on Data Sheet


    I would like to confirm about disable function description on Data Sheet.

    In the data sheet (rev 0), there are 4 parts that described about Disable function.

    Between Figure 1, Table 11 and Figure 6, Table 10 seems difference description.


  • RE: (ADuM4223/ADuM3223)To use only 1 CHANNEL

    Hi RSchnell

    Thank you for your quick response.

    So is it OK to let the VDDB VOB GNB = OPEN?

    Our customer knows about ADUM3123 but they are now using ADUM3223.

    So at 1st , they want to try using only one channel.

    Best regards,


  • RE: Hello. I want to know if the ouput of the ADuM3221 gate driver are isolated between them?


    The ADuM3221 has two outputs, but they share the same output ground. If you need two output channels that can be separated by 400 V, the ADuM3223, ADuM4223, and ADUM7234 are some solutions. There are also the ADuM3224 and ADuM4224 which are the…

  • RE: ADUM4136 weird behavior

    Hi RSchnell,

    we have 50kHz now, approved.

    The rise/fall times are some tens of nanoseconds wide. I think most problematic is the fall time because there is a power inductor and freewheeling diode which forces the secondary side voltage down (from 350V…