• Common-Mode voltages on ADuM3070 / ADuM4070

    We're making a test board for a very noise sensitive sensor. It has to be
    galvanic isolted so we want to use the AdUM3070 or AdUM4070 for this. What is
    the difference between these two? After the galvanic isolator we have LDO's to …
  • ADUM3070 EVB EMI Testing Fail

    Dear Sir:

    After test the adum3070-evb , I find the EMI horizontal test is bad ,do you have any solution?


    A): Vin P1/P2: +5Vdc

    B): Vout P3/P4: +5Vdc

    C): Iout P3/P4: 450mA

    D): RL(Out) P3/P4: 110ohm/10W (CEMENT WIRE WOUND RESISTORS)

    E): ROC(ADuM3070…

  • ADuM3070 DC-DC Isolated Power

    Dear All:

    I would like to planning DC-DC Isolated power solution, need Vin=5V then Vout=5V / Iout=900mA~1A,I try to use EVAL-ADUM3070EBZ 2Pcs to set up my platform. but found that EVAL-ADuM3070 there will be output load are asymmetrical. then I have…

  • ADuM3070 Output Load Ripper Question

    Dear Sir:

    If I need ADuM3070 DC-DC ISO Power Vin:5V,Vout 5V/300mA but output ripper need VP-P 100mV. I have some question pls see below.

    Q1:Can you provide your suggestion in my schematic design and PCB Layoutent.another How do I achieve his idea on…

  • ADuM3070 Transformer Safe Distance For PCB Layout

    Dear All:

    ADuM3070 is our DC-To-DC isolated power supply controller. The UG-402 Page3 and Page 6 about "TERMINALS" is ADuM3070 IC primary side and secondary side between GND distance 4.3mm for PCB Layout ?? If it's correct. Coilcraft's transformer…

  • Maximizing efficiency at 5 mA while using ADuM3070


    ADuM3070 datasheet contains following efficiency graph:

    I plan to use 5V input voltage and 3.7V output voltage with 5mA maximum (1.5mA typical) load current. I would like to create effective isolated power supply for light loads (1-5 mA). Could…

  • 关于ADUM3070产生正负输出的问题

    您好,我使用ADUM3070产生正负电压,通过tpye c输入+5V,期望设计产生±6V,但实际测量产生为﹢6V和-4V,想问一下是否是我的设计的问题。电路图如下,VBUS_1为5V输入,测量负输出为-


  • 寻一款类似ADuM3070隔离应用的芯片,但是需要+12V或+24V输入


  • RE: The isolated power for five ADM2483s working?

    Hi ,

    The ADM2483 Vdd2 will consume up to 290 mW when powered at 5 V (at maximum bus loading).

    So if you are using 5x ADM2483 devices, then you will need > 1W of isolated power.

    I can recommend our ADuM3070, which can provide up to 2.5W…

  • RE: Split Isolated Supply with isoPower query(SR#: 1204350)

    Is it possible to create a split isolated supply with the isoPower devices
    (i.e. ±3.3V or ±5V).


    This can be done one of two ways.

    1) Use the ADuM347x or ADuM3070.  These devices use external transformer
    so multiple windings…