• ADUM3070 simulation tool


    Are there ways to function confirmation  before use  in ADUM3070?

    (Are there any evaluation tool or any ways?)

    In below url , ADUM3070 don't have LTSPICE.


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    Thank you very…

  • RE: Questions about ADuM3070 hiccup mode

    Knj: I tested the ADuM3070 on the eval board with 3.3V out and when I shorted the output the current spiked high, returned to zero, and then went to the 600mA level as shown in the attached waveform. I don't see any hiccup behavior as mentioned in the ADuM3070…

  • RE: ADUM3070 EVB EMI Testing Fail

    Jacky: The ADuM3070 emissions can be improved on the ADuM3070 eval board by 20dBuV by adding two snubber networks consisting of R7, R8 = 14.7ohm resistor and C5, C6 = 330pF capacitor in series that are each connected at the X1 and X2 nodes at the transformer…

  • ADUM3070 Creepage and Air Clearance specifications

    What are the specification for creepage distance and air clearance for
    ADUM3070? Datasheet states minimum spec; what are the actual values?


    The creepage of the ADuM3070 QSOP package is on average 3.26mm, the average
    line of sight…
  • Power calculation for ADuM3070

    Attached you can see a block diagram of our power design. Is the ADuM3070 /
    4070 able to deliever enough power for this design in the 5V -> 5V
    configuration? Total power on the galvanic isolated loads should be
    180mW+66mW+900mW = 1…
  • RE: Output Power Usage of ADuM3070


    From one of your EngZone posts, attached is the block diagram - is this still the application you need? I have placed the supply current values on the diagram, and if 80% efficiency the ADuM3070 VISO 5V supply would need to output 375mA, which meets…

  • RE: The isolated power for five ADM2483s working?

    Hi ,

    The ADM2483 Vdd2 will consume up to 290 mW when powered at 5 V (at maximum bus loading).

    So if you are using 5x ADM2483 devices, then you will need > 1W of isolated power.

    I can recommend our ADuM3070, which can provide up to 2.5W…

  • ADuM3070 Transformer Safe Distance For PCB Layout

    Dear All:

    ADuM3070 is our DC-To-DC isolated power supply controller. The UG-402 Page3 and Page 6 about "TERMINALS" is ADuM3070 IC primary side and secondary side between GND distance 4.3mm for PCB Layout ?? If it's correct. Coilcraft's transformer…

  • RE: ADUM3070 Schematic Review

    Hi Bkennedy;

    May I have your feedback to above questions; please? Many thanks!


  • ADuM3070 HI-POT Testing

    Dear Sir:

    If I want to ADuM3070 Hi-POT test, I would like to ask the standard test for leakage current value is how much? Is reference to UL-1577 test case? Which chapter? another Coilcraft JA4631-BL/JA4650-BL/JA4650-BL Transformer

    leakage current…