• Power calculation for ADuM3070

    Attached you can see a block diagram of our power design. Is the ADuM3070 /
    4070 able to deliever enough power for this design in the 5V -> 5V
    configuration? Total power on the galvanic isolated loads should be
    180mW+66mW+900mW = 1…
  • ADUM3070 simulation tool


    Are there ways to function confirmation  before use  in ADUM3070?

    (Are there any evaluation tool or any ways?)

    In below url , ADUM3070 don't have LTSPICE.


    Best regards 

    Thank you very…

  • ADUM3070 Schematic Review

    Hello Team;

    Could you kindly help on the ADUM3070 Schematic Review; please?

    Input: 5V; output : current 0.3A, voltage 5V,

    My question:

    1. For ISO-5V output; the VDD2 and Vreg should be connected together to the 5V_ISO; correct?

    2. other component value…

  • Questions about ADUM3070

    I have some questions about ADUM3070.

    Since I don't have experience using isolated DC/DC,

    It would be great if anyone could give me some advice.

    (sorry to ask many questions at the same time)

    #1 Question,

    I'm trying to calculate Transform ratio…

  • Questions about ADuM3070 hiccup mode


    I have a question about ADuM3070.
    What are the conditions for hiccup mode operation?

    Customer is considering ADuM3070.
    When the output is short-circuited, it will once operate in hiccup mode, but then an output current of about 600 mA continued to flow…
  • Output Power Usage of ADuM3070


    As mentioned in the datasheet of ADuM3070, we can get up to 2.5W output power with 5V input voltage. I  wonder up to what percentage of this output power can be occupied by the transformer. I mean, I'm plannig to use schematic in Figure 32 given in…

  • ADUM3070 Output Voltage


    I have a question about transformer T1 which are listed in Table 13 and Figure 31 of the data sheet.

    I did check the data sheet of the transformer JA4631-BL.

    The output voltage of JA4631-BL is described as 3.3V to 5V.

    Is it possible to output…

  • ADuM3070 HI-POT Testing

    Dear Sir:

    If I want to ADuM3070 Hi-POT test, I would like to ask the standard test for leakage current value is how much? Is reference to UL-1577 test case? Which chapter? another Coilcraft JA4631-BL/JA4650-BL/JA4650-BL Transformer

    leakage current…

  • Current limiting for ADUM3070

    Hi there,

    I checked out the behavior of current limiting on ADUM3070 Evaluation board.

    But I noticed the performance is a bit different from what I expected.

    The datasheet says it works with cycle by cycle during the short circuit(2msec), but I could…

  • ADUM3070 Creepage and Air Clearance specifications

    What are the specification for creepage distance and air clearance for
    ADUM3070? Datasheet states minimum spec; what are the actual values?


    The creepage of the ADuM3070 QSOP package is on average 3.26mm, the average
    line of sight…