• Power calculation for ADuM3070

    Attached you can see a block diagram of our power design. Is the ADuM3070 /
    4070 able to deliever enough power for this design in the 5V -> 5V
    configuration? Total power on the galvanic isolated loads should be
    180mW+66mW+900mW = 1.146W. But…

  • ADUM3070 Creepage and Air Clearance specifications

    What are the specification for creepage distance and air clearance for
    ADUM3070? Datasheet states minimum spec; what are the actual values?


    The creepage of the ADuM3070 QSOP package is on average 3.26mm, the average
    line of sight clearance is…

  • Common-Mode voltages on ADuM3070 / ADuM4070

    We're making a test board for a very noise sensitive sensor. It has to be
    galvanic isolted so we want to use the AdUM3070 or AdUM4070 for this. What is
    the difference between these two? After the galvanic isolator we have LDO's to

  • Questions about ADuM3070 hiccup mode


    I have a question about ADuM3070.
    What are the conditions for hiccup mode operation?

    Customer is considering ADuM3070.
    When the output is short-circuited, it will once operate in hiccup mode, but then an output current of about 600 mA continued to flow…
  • ADUM3070 simulation tool


    Are there ways to function confirmation  before use  in ADUM3070?

    (Are there any evaluation tool or any ways?)

    In below url , ADUM3070 don't have LTSPICE.


    Best regards 

    Thank you very…

  • ADUM3070 Schematic Review

    Hello Team;

    Could you kindly help on the ADUM3070 Schematic Review; please?

    Input: 5V; output : current 0.3A, voltage 5V,

    My question:

    1. For ISO-5V output; the VDD2 and Vreg should be connected together to the 5V_ISO; correct?

    2. other component value…

  • 关于ADUM3070产生正负输出的问题

    您好,我使用ADUM3070产生正负电压,通过tpye c输入+5V,期望设计产生±6V,但实际测量产生为﹢6V和-4V,想问一下是否是我的设计的问题。电路图如下,VBUS_1为5V输入,测量负输出为-


  • Output Power Usage of ADuM3070


    As mentioned in the datasheet of ADuM3070, we can get up to 2.5W output power with 5V input voltage. I  wonder up to what percentage of this output power can be occupied by the transformer. I mean, I'm plannig to use schematic in Figure 32 given in…

  • RE: ADuM3070 HI-POT Testing

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