• ADuM2400 output state


    I need to know the output state of the ADuM2400 depending on the input power supply.

    Datasheet table 11 on page 12  shows the truth table for these situations.

    The truth table includes the Enable pin VE1 at the input side.

    But there is NO Enable…

  • ADuM2400 outputs blocked high at power on

    We are using ADuM2400 in device and recently we noticed a strange and undesired behavior at power on. 

    When the system starts, the V DD2=5V (output side supply of ADuM2400) is the first power supply which goes up.

    About 100÷200ms later, the V D…

  • ADuM2400 input current test

    We use an ADUM2400 with the power supply of 3.3 V
    In our ICT Tester we had a stimulation mistake and stimulated the Input with a
    signal level of 4 V DC
    We know there is a free wheel diode between the input pin and  VCC.
    The output…
  • ADuM2400: 12 V digital signal

    I'm interested in details about ADuM2400 icoupler input as i should handle 12V
    digital signals.


    The maximum supply voltage that can be used with thjs icoupler is 7Volts, and
    the i/p's and o/p's must stay within 0.5Volts of the supplies…

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  • ADuM240x

    ADuM240x is use in our medical devices. Where can we obtain these ADuM240x


    The ADuM240x info/report/certificates can be obtained from the link below:

  • ADUM2401 Output rise / fall time (10% to 90%)

    I read the ADUM2401 data sheet.
          Data Sheet ADuM2400/ADuM2401/ADuM2402 Rev. F
  • ADuM240x versus ADuM440x

    We're using ADuM4400 series devices in our designs, but note the existence of the very similarly specified ADuM2400 series in the catalog.  It seems that ADuM240x devices use a bit less current and have TUV60950 and TUV61010 Reinforced qualifications…

  • RE: TUV EN 60950-1/A2 for ADUM2401,ADUM4223

    Hello Sam,

    We are in the process of updating most of the older component certifications to the latest versions of IEC60950 including amendment 2, as well as IEC61010 ed3.  We use CSA for the certifications.  At the component level CSA certifications and…

  • RE: What is merit of ADUM2400C over TI

    Hello wallman16,

    There are several differences in the certification levels.

    • The ADuM2400 is rated for Reinforced Insulation by VDE compared to Single Insulation for the other product.
    • The withstand rating certified by UL is higher for the ADuM2400…