• RE: Where to apply edge guarding?

    Hi Ross,

    In terms of radiated emissions you should not really have problems with the ADuM1441 as it's really quiet especially when compared against the ADuM5401. Implementing the second or fourth option for edge guarding (mentioned in the original post…

  • Must the EN1 and EN2 pin states match one another?

    Must the EN1 and EN2 pin states match one another?


    Yes, the EN1 and EN2 refresh/watchdog enable pins must be set to the same state
    for the ADuM144X operates properly.
  • ADUM144x working voltage


    We're testing a new system with on board digital isolators. ADUM144x datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADuM1440_1441_1442_1445_1446_1447.pdf) specifies an absolute maximum rating for Vdd1 and Vdd2…

  • 推荐一款输出精度能达到ADP3303-3.3V的线性稳压电源,但是要输出功率大一些。


  • RE: About insulation guarantee

    I guess from a datasheet of ADuM1441 that the insulation depends
      only on "Safety Limiting Values" in Table 14.

    Our Customer need National Electrical Code.

    Certification organization request document of letter
      or declaration issued by Analog…

  • RE: ADuM1441 Digital Isolators without enable feature and low cost

    Hello Rajan,

    Isolation ratings depend on the packaging and materials used.  It is significant effort to bring out new packages, so we minimize package variants in this line.  We currently do not have a qualified 12 lead QSOP, and the internal die may not…

  • RE: 告诫——这些应用慎用光耦或数字隔离器

    ADuM1441是具有默认高电平输出和3/1通道方向性的微功耗、四通道数字隔离器,其基于ADI公司iCoupler 技术。(提供双通道产品)。 这些隔离器件结合了高速互补金属氧化物半导体(CMOS)与单片空芯变压器技术,可提供出色的性能特性,优于光耦器件和其它集成式耦合器,同时在现有的所有隔离产品中功耗最低。 ENX信号可用于禁用内部刷新,从而将总静态电流降低至不足1 µA。


    ADuM1440/ADuM1441/ADuM1442/ADuM1445/ ADuM1446/ADuM1447系列四通道2…

  • RE: ADUM1441 DC Offset difference between Input and Output signals

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  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


    关注:现场总线、信号处理、信号隔离的解决方案和芯片。如集成隔离式DC/DC转换器ADuM5010集成ARM CORTEX M3和双通道Σ-Δ型ADC的低功耗精密模拟微控制器ADUM360微功耗四通道数字隔离器ADUM1441等







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