• adum1441


    I am puzzled.

    Fig 1 of the datasheet suggest there are 2 bi-directional channels and two one-way channels.

    Table 23 shows 4 on-way channels; 3 from left to right, 1 from right to left.

    Which ones are bidirectional, which ones are uni directional?

  • ADum1441 communication direction from CPU to ADC


    As per CN-0382 Circuit note AD7124 SPI communication input pins CS, SCLK & DIN are connected to Adum1441 logic input points VIA,VIB & VIC and  SPI communication output pins DOUT connected to Adum1441 logic output point VOD.

    But CN-0376  Circuit…

  • CN-0382文档错误


  • RE: ADUM1441 application notes

    You can also go to the "Reference Materials" section of the product page and click "Technical Articles." There you'll find the article linked above by Jason, as well as this one:


  • Can an ADuM1441 really last 247 k hrs on a battery?

    Can an ADuM1441 really run 247 k hrs on aLithium Coin Cell?

    Asked by Garry C.

  • RE: AD7124-4 interfcae with four channel Analog Input 4 to 20mA & 0 to 10VDC


    Have you attached here the schematic? Yes, you can use ADUM1441 as this is also the recommended digital isolator for AD7124.



  • RE: AD5421 Power On Reset


    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, Iam using the power from DVCC pin to power up the isolators and the HART modem AD5700.

    As per Current  calculation the total current taken by the isolators ADuM1441 will not exceed 3.15mA.

    I have attached the schematics…

  • RE: 数字电位器隔离

    可以采用ADI的数字隔离器产品进行MCU与数字电位器之间的隔离,如ADuM1441  ADum141E 产品

  • RE: ADuM144x Family intrinsic Safety Certification


    I will have a check whether we have the plan to get the certifications, and for your second question you will find the answer in Table 21 below.

    ADuM1440/ADuM1441/ADuM1442 have the default high output state if input is unpowered and ADuM1445/ADuM1446…