• adum1441


    I am puzzled.

    Fig 1 of the datasheet suggest there are 2 bi-directional channels and two one-way channels.

    Table 23 shows 4 on-way channels; 3 from left to right, 1 from right to left.

    Which ones are bidirectional, which ones are uni directional?

  • ADum1441 communication direction from CPU to ADC


    As per CN-0382 Circuit note AD7124 SPI communication input pins CS, SCLK & DIN are connected to Adum1441 logic input points VIA,VIB & VIC and  SPI communication output pins DOUT connected to Adum1441 logic output point VOD.

    But CN-0376  Circuit…

  • RE: AD7124-4 interfcae with four channel Analog Input 4 to 20mA & 0 to 10VDC


    Have you attached here the schematic? Yes, you can use ADUM1441 as this is also the recommended digital isolator for AD7124.



  • CN-0382文档错误


  • Can an ADuM1441 really last 247 k hrs on a battery?

    Can an ADuM1441 really run 247 k hrs on aLithium Coin Cell?

    Asked by Garry C.

  • RE: AD5421 Power On Reset

    Hi Anush,

    Considering the maximum supply current drawn from the DVDD of AD5421.

    • LTC2484 = 250uA
    • ADUM1441 = 900uA (x4)
    • AD5420 = 1mA
    • AD5421 IOVDD = 300uA

    These would already be equal to 5.15mA. We haven't even added the current drawn from the pull-up…

  • RE: 数字电位器隔离

    可以采用ADI的数字隔离器产品进行MCU与数字电位器之间的隔离,如ADuM1441  ADum141E 产品

  • RE: ADuM144x Family intrinsic Safety Certification


    I will have a check whether we have the plan to get the certifications, and for your second question you will find the answer in Table 21 below.

    ADuM1440/ADuM1441/ADuM1442 have the default high output state if input is unpowered and ADuM1445/ADuM1446…