• (ADuM142) Rjc for ADuM142E1WBRQZ-RL7

    Hi .

    Do you have Rjc value for ADuM142E1WBRQZ-RL7?

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  • (ADuM142)Is the output status Indeterminate?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM14x.

    At table 24, it is not written about VDD1 & VDD2 Unpowerd.

    When VDD1 & VDD2 unpowered,  would the output status goes to Indeterminate?

    If the output side VDD is not powered, would the output status goes…

  • RE: ADuM14xE Mixed Operation Volta

    Hi Jason, thanks for replying my question.

    I'm glad to hear that ADuM142E can operate with mixed voltages.

    About ADuM5201, we're using 2 ADuM5201 to provide enough current to the secondary side, and we also need 5V and 3V3 in the secondary side…

  • RE: ADUM14xE operation voltage

    Hello Micha,

    the ADuM142E and ADuM1251 are  'isolators', hence no connection between VDD1/GND1 towards VDD2/GND2.

    As both parts offer signal level translation this scenario demands for mixed power supply levels.

    ADuM142 offers 1.8-5,5V VDDx range…

  • RE: (ADuM140)Supply current with OOK.


    You are right - there is a typo in the ADuM14x datasheet. For the Quiescent current tables for the ADuM141 and ADuM142 the Test Conditions for the ADuM140 is correct, the ADuM141 and ADuM142 Conditions need to be changed to match the ADuM140…

  • RE: Bi-directional Isolator or direction switchable isolator

    Hi Jason,

    what an Idea about ADuM142E and output setting to Hi-Z.

    Thank you, these tips are really helpful.

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    Arnost :)

  • (ADuM140E1)Supply current.

    Hi !


    Our customer want to know the supply current.

    I already asked about this and you gave me ADuM142's spread sheet.

    (ADuM140)Supply current with OOK. 

    Can you give me the same thing for ADuM140?


    Also , ADI's newest iCoupler series…

  • ADUM3442 EOL Replacement


    I saw that the ADUM3442CRWZ was EOL'd. This component is used in a product currently. The component does not have a fail-safe output. 

    There is a recommended replacement ADUM142E1BRWZ. This component has a fail-safe high output.

    There is another…

  • (ADuM14x)Can you check the Pin status ?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADuM142.

    Can you check that my understanding are correct or wrong?


    This is the circuit from my customer.

    When they are using under the condition "status 1" , IC2 VOC depends on VIC because IC2 VDD1 = VDD2 = VE1 …

  • RE: Do you have iCoupler's EMC test result

    Kawa-san: That was a typo.  Here's the correct file.

    Regards, Brian