• RE: Technologies node between ADUM141E and ADuM141ES

    Hi ctiangho, 

    The ADuM141ES is radiation hardened. There are difference in the die sets, packages, and specifications between the ADuM141ES and ADuM141E. The two devices are designed for very different use cases. 


  • ADuM141ES IBIS

    Where can I find IBIS model for ADuM141ES? Or it is the same as for ADuM141E?

  • ADuM141E ESD performance

    Hi Sir ,

    As knew ADI new OOK digital isolator has good performance in any where.

    But I can't see any about ESD performance in DS.

    Could you provide information about ESD characteristics ?

    Thank you!

  • ADuM141E working at 9MHz

    ADuM141E is designed to isolate SPI bus running 9MHz. As is shown in upper chart, the gree line is ADuM141E output while the yellow is the input. Most output rising edge is delayed by 16ns, however there is a small group of the output which is dela…

  • ADuM141  not used pin


    3ch only of ADuM141 4ch is used.

    How should we connect not used pin of the other 1 ch ?

    Input pin : Pull down  through about 10 K ohm ?

    Output pin: Open ?

    Please let me know your advice.



  • ADuM141E  Output Enable Propagation Delay


    Our customer will use ADuM141E.

    Then,  he asks output enable propagation delay of ADuM141E  if the delay is within  ~ 50ns .

    ADuM141E datasheet does not say this parameter but other product, for example  ADuM3440, describes  its parameter in the datasheet…

  • ADUM141E datasheet incorrect?  fail-safe output graphics

    Figures 21 and 22 in the ADUM14x datasheet seem to show the output following the input, but the descriptions of these fail-safe figures in the Overview section indicate that the output should either be low or high depending on the part selected.  Is this…

  • ADUM141E 5V/3V or 3V/5V elecctrical characteristics


    I can't find mixed 5V/3V or 3V/5V elecctrical characteristics in ADUM141E's datasheet, seems it is the next generation of ADUM1401, but, it does not support this feature any more? 


  • ADUM141 Timing with 1.8V/5V supply and reduced temperature range

    In my design I use the ADUM141 to isolate a SPI interface with a clock speed of 50MHz to read the result of the ADC AD7091R. The SPI master is implemented in the FPGA part of a Xilinx Zynq 7015.

    I use a supply voltage of 1.8V on the primary side and…

  • (ADuM141/142)Can you tell me the ESD diode circuit for each device?

    Hi !

    I asked about other device at past but now, our customer will use ADuM141/2.


    Can you tell me the ESD diode circuit…