• RE: ADUM1400 to ADUM140E

    Hi Gudjon, 

    It would be generally expected that the latest generation of standard data isolators (of which ADuM140E is part) would have less emissions. The devices are designed with different architectures and output stages though. 

    There are many factors…

  • ADuM140E pull up


    Our customer asks below question  about ADuM140E  because he will set  enable pin to OPEN .

    Please let me know your advice.


    Datasheet describes that EN pin of ADuM140E can be opne.

    Does this contain internal pull-up resistor ?

    If so, could…

  • ADuM140 input following behaviour

    I am looking for an isolator that operates with Vdd1=2.5V and Vdd2=3.3V. (Vdd1 side has 2.5V logic levels)

    In the datasheets for ADuM1400 and 3480 I read that the output goes to a default state when no transitions occur on the input within 5us.

    I want…

  • (ADuM140)Supply current with OOK.

    Hi !

    I saw the datasheet about ADuM140.


    For example , ADuM140D/E's supply current is this.


    I think this data is 50%-duty.

    Is it correct…

  • Can ADuM140 and ADuM 220 work as level shifter as well?


    Beside isolation, can ADuM140 and ADuM 220 work as level shifter as well?   For example VDD1 as 1.8V, VDD2 as 5V or 3.3V.



  • RE: Questions about ADuM 3440 Propagation Delay

    Hi Jiulu,

    1. The "units" means different channels of different ADuM3440( eg: between ch1 of one ADuM3440 and ch2 of the other)

    2. Yes, tPSKCD is the propagation delay between any two channels of a given ADuM3440.

    3. tPSK and tPSKCD are tested…

  • iCoupler clamp current

    I am planning to use the ADUM140E to convert 3.3V GPIO from an FPGA to 5V to interface with digital I/O on a servo drive. The servo drive DIO are active low and use opto-isolators with 50mA max drive. I have a couple of questions about the iCoupler:

  • RE: ADI New OOK Digital Isolator Cross Reference Table

    Hi Jacky,

    We don't have such a comparison table now, but in the datasheet of ADuM140D/ADuM140E you will find that "ADuM140E1 pin compatible with ADuM1400" rather than ADuM1410.



  • RE: ADuM140D1BRQZ 替代



  • RE: ADuM1400 VDD2-GND2 voltages when VDD2 is NOT supplied

    Thank you for your reply.

    I like to confirm one more thing.

    the customer said as follows.

    Is this the same reason and can he fix this problem when he use ADuM140E or ADuM1440?

    He supplied 3.3V between VDD2 and GND2.

    when he measured the voltage between…