• MMR Address Map

    The address of the different reigsters present on the ADuCM4050 device are listed on the last chapter of the Hardware Reference Manual. It is called “ADuCM4050 Register List”.

  • How to communicate with another device through UART using the ADuCM4050?

    I am using the code in "UART loopback example" and by disabling the macro for internal loopback trying to communicate with another device( ESP8266 ,CH340 USB to UART converter) using the UART0 functionality. The connections made:-


  • IAR version required

    Which is the IAR version required for the ADuCM4050 BSP drivers?

  • Development environments

    Which development environments are supported by the ADuCM4050 drivers?

  • ADuCM4050 FPU Example Project

    Is there a project coming with the BSP using the FPU on ADuCM4050?

  • RE: Aducm4050 and IAR 8.22.1 - Are the BSP/Drivers and example projects tested to work with this version of the IAR?


    Can you check whether the target device is to "Analog Devices ADuCM4050" or not in the project options?

    You should see "Device ADUCM4050 selected"  instead of "Device Cortex-M4 selected" in the log, if the target device is…

  • Processor Type Doesn't Appear When Creating a New Project


    I'm trying to create a new project for the ADuCM4050.  When I get to the Processor Type screen, only the ADuCM3029 comes up as an option.  I have installed all of the ADuCM4050 packs from the CMSIS Pack Manager.  How do I get the 4050 to appear…

  • Register and Bit Definition Files

    Are there any standard register and bit definition header files for the ADuCM4050 device?

  • I2C example for ADuCM4050


    I am looking for I2C example for the ADuCM4050, would you have such an example available? 



  • RE: cldp for linux?

    Which processor are you working with? ADuCM302x and ADuCM4050 processors do not require cldp, because OpenOCD includes the flash-programming functionality.