• ADUCM4050 ADC power supply

    Hi EZ,

    I am currently doing a schematic using the ADUCM4050, and his internal ADC, and I would like to know few stuff : 

    • Is that possible to have Vbat_ADC set to a different value than the other Vbat of the microcontroller ? 
    • Is that mandatory to…
  • ADuCM4050 failed erasing sectors


    I'm working with the ADuCM4050 on our own board with bare metal SW.

    I used the CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer to program the flash of the ADuCM4050 several times.

    After several successful trials, I continuously receive the following message…

  • ADuCM4050 ADC electrical information


    As far as I looked, I failed to find any equivalent model for an ADC input in the ADuCM4050:

    (analog input) pin capacitance,

    ADC impedance

    I need it in order to be able to calculate the maximum meaningful sampling rate in my circuit.



  • ADuCM4050 SensorStrobe inputs


    I need to configure RTC1 and its SensorStrobe channel to interface ADXL372,  ADXL362 or anything similar.

    1)   One INT pin of the accelerometer will be used to provide measurement pulse. So it should be connected to one of the RTC1_SSn pin, is that correct…

  • ADuCM4050 firmware download .


    I am using a custom made HW. 

    My goal is to use the CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer to download my firmware  to the HW. 

    The problem is that as far as i understand for using the boot kernel i have download my firmware using UART0. 

    On my HW UART0 is not available…

  • ADuCM4050 FPU Example Project

    Is there a project coming with the BSP using the FPU on ADuCM4050?

  • I2C example for ADuCM4050


    I am looking for I2C example for the ADuCM4050, would you have such an example available? 



  • ADuCM4050 SPI External loopback mode

    I need some sample code to:

    1. Accept incoming data on SPI DIN

    2. Store the SPI DIN in a buffer on the ADuCM4050. Verify buffer content using IAR workbench

    3. Externally Loop back the SPI DIN to the DOUT pin again (looped back to another SPI peripheral…

  • ADuCM4050 Maximum SPI/UART Baud Rate

    Hi Team,

    What is the maximum SPI baud rate and UART Baud rate using ADuCM4050? It looks like the maximum PCLK can be 52 MHz but does that translate to increased frequency for SPI and UART clocks. 



  • Linker file configuration on aducm4050

    Hi everybody!

    I use EV COG AD4050LZ eval board. 
    I need to increase my STACK size inside my Linker file and i don't know how to do this. 

    Here is my standart linker file for ADUCM4050

    /*###ICF### Section handled by ICF editor, don't touch! ****/