• ADuCM363 flash memory use case

    I am using ADuCM363.

    By referring to the example code and datasheet provided by your company, the writing and erasing of flash memory were confirmed through IAR.

    However, it is stated that the memory can be used from 0x00000 to 0x1FFFF in the Disassembly…

  • RE: Moving from ADuC847 to ADuCM363

    Hi! It's me again... 

    I changed my OS to windows 11 and now i simply can't open the link you sent me with the code examples. Can you send it on a zip file, please? 


  • ADuCM363 - SDK


    I have just bought the Eval Board of the ADuCM363 and I am looking for the IAR SDK of it to be able to make some experiments.

    Could you please help me ?




  • Differences with ADuCM361 and ADuCM363 parts

    What are the differences with ADuCM361 and ADuCM363 parts?

    I think the 363 part has more memory than the 361 part.

    We are currently using the ADUCM361BCPZ128 part for a production product, but there is no supply.

    There seems to be limited supply of th…

  • ADuCM363 - Pin Configurator


    I am looking for a Pin Configurator to easily test the ADuCM363. Or would you have a file with a full description of how to set each pin ?

    I already had a look for the FTP repositories but it does not help that much.

    Would you also have C files…

  • ADuCM363 vs ADuCM360 - Libraries files


    I am unfortunately not able to find good src files for the ADuCM363 such as the I2C or SPI libraries. So I have found better files examples for the ADuCM360 and I would like to know if I could use them with the 363 or if they are completely different…

  • ADUCM363 not detected via SWD


    I have a problem with programming ADuCM363. I'm trying to program it via SWD but it is not visible in SWD chain. I tried to use ST-Link V2 and Segger J-link but with both of them the result was the same. I tried to use OpenOCD, Segger command line…

  • Question about the connection between MCU(ADUCM363) and 4 MUXs(ADG1606).

    Hi. I am a student studying electronics engineering.

    I have a question that connection between MCU(ADUCM363) and 4 MUXs(ADG1606).

    I connected four 16 channel MUXs to the MCU. At this time, MCU debugging is not working.

    However, when I connect less…

  • RE: Programming ADuCM363


    Sorry for digging up an old subject, could you tell me how to use J-link to program ADuCM363? When I try to download my code to flash memory (using Keil) I get info "The selected device "ADUCM363" is unknown to this version of the J-Link software…

  • RE: I used ADuCM363 and ADG1606 together, but an error occurred.


     1) You don't have to manually switch the ADC to idle state after each conversion.

    In single conversion mode:

    After each conversion, ADC sets RDY bit and automatically switches to idle state.

    2) ADC1ERR occurs due to overrange or underrange errors…