• ADuCM363 - SDK


    I have just bought the Eval Board of the ADuCM363 and I am looking for the IAR SDK of it to be able to make some experiments.

    Could you please help me ?




  • ADuCM363 - Pin Configurator


    I am looking for a Pin Configurator to easily test the ADuCM363. Or would you have a file with a full description of how to set each pin ?

    I already had a look for the FTP repositories but it does not help that much.

    Would you also have C files…

  • ADuCM363 vs ADuCM360 - Libraries files


    I am unfortunately not able to find good src files for the ADuCM363 such as the I2C or SPI libraries. So I have found better files examples for the ADuCM360 and I would like to know if I could use them with the 363 or if they are completely different…

  • Moving from ADuC847 to ADuCM363


    I'm actually using an ADuC847 to a product where i read a load cell and need a really good ADC. Someone told me to take a look on the new ADuCM36x family and i found it very interesting, specially because it's ADC is almost the same on the ADuC847…

  • ADUCM363 not detected via SWD


    I have a problem with programming ADuCM363. I'm trying to program it via SWD but it is not visible in SWD chain. I tried to use ST-Link V2 and Segger J-link but with both of them the result was the same. I tried to use OpenOCD, Segger command line…

  • Question about the connection between MCU(ADUCM363) and 4 MUXs(ADG1606).

    Hi. I am a student studying electronics engineering.

    I have a question that connection between MCU(ADUCM363) and 4 MUXs(ADG1606).

    I connected four 16 channel MUXs to the MCU. At this time, MCU debugging is not working.

    However, when I connect less…

  • RE: Programming ADuCM363


    Sorry for digging up an old subject, could you tell me how to use J-link to program ADuCM363? When I try to download my code to flash memory (using Keil) I get info "The selected device "ADUCM363" is unknown to this version of the J-Link software…

  • RE: I used ADuCM363 and ADG1606 together, but an error occurred.


     1) You don't have to manually switch the ADC to idle state after each conversion.

    In single conversion mode:

    After each conversion, ADC sets RDY bit and automatically switches to idle state.

    2) ADC1ERR occurs due to overrange or underrange errors…

  • RE: AD7124 and ADUCM363 Transicion Time

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • Are they  same verify command for ADuCM362 and ADuCM363

    According  http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN-1160.pdf

    ADuCM362 and ADuCM363 Verify command should be same. But now I encounter verify step3 command failed on  page 1 to page 4 (start page address 0, 2048, 4096,6144…