• Redirecting the printf to UART

    Hi I am using ADUCm362 for my project, I would like to know how can I redirect printf to UART ?

  • RE: ADuCM360 development with Microsoft Visual Studio Code

    Sorry, we don't provide the support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code. 

    You can use Keil, IAR or CCES which is developed by ADI for ADUCM362.

  • UART1 is not working in EVAL-ADuCM362


    I'm using EVAL-ADuCM362 evaluation board, I try to send data through UART1, but it is not getting configured only when i see the registers in keil its always showing zero only.

    i attached my initialization code,

    please suggest if any changes…

  • RE: ADuCM362 UART Interrupts

    Hi Adam,

    could you please read the COM1MSR register and check the CTS bit status?

    From the user guide, the EDSSI interrupt will be generated when any bit of COM1MSR[3:0] is set. Could you please check the status of COM1MSR[3:0]?

    By the way, I suggest…

  • RE: Terminal communication with ADuCM362?

    Did you have a look at the ADC example?

    That takes the ADC results and prints them out over UART.

    The baud rate of the UART is documented in the comments in the code.


    if ((ucCOMIID0 & 0x4) == 0x4)            // Receive byte
       ucWaitForUart = 0…

  • RE: CRC32 for Verify ADuCM362

    Please find attached the 32 bit CRC implementation used in CM3WSD.

    Not the most efficient one, but it might help you debug what's wrong with your version.



  • EVAL - ADUcM362  examples for IAR


    Document  UG-1071 "IAR EMBEDDED WORKBENCH"  :  

    "Open the IAR tools from the Start Menu. 2. Within the IAR IDE, click File > Open > Workspace and open a workspace provided by Analog Devices (for example, C:\ADuCM36x…\code\ADuCM362\examples…

  • Aducm362 DAC基准必须是内部1.2V,还是可以使用Vref+和Vref-上的基准电压?

    Aducm362 DAC基准必须是内部1.2V,还是可以使用Vref+和Vref-上的基准电压?

  • ADuCM362 串口配置问题,地址写不进去数

    我在ADI的FTP上下载了ADuCm362 UART 的例程,想要使用UART1 通信,但是我的芯片对应管脚无法输出数据,我直接往地址里面写数据也不能观察到数据被写入,运行时的汇编语言正确,UART1的所有寄存器都写不进去,但是UART0的正常,这是为什么呢?

    void UartSetup(void)


       DioCfgPin(pADI_GP0, PIN6, 1);                // Configure P0.6/P0.7 for UART1

       DioCfgPin(pADI_GP0, PIN7, 2…

  • Using ADuCM362 SPI Chip Select interrupt


    I'm trying to use the SPI Chip Select interrupt on an ADuCM362. I'm in continuous mode with CSIRQ_EN bit set in register SPI0DIV. When I'm looking at CSRSG and CSFLG flags of SPI0STA register in my interrupt handler, i never catch the event.…