• ADuCM362 CrossCore Debugger issue -OpenOCD/Seggar jlink needs SWD selection?

    We are evaluating  an  ADuCM362 evaluation board using CrossCore 2.8 and testing applications such as Blinky fails to download using the jlink and CrossCore debugger.  The code builds without errors.   The Seggar jlink commander v6.3 finds the Seggar ADI…

  • Is there and example code for ADuCM362 bootlader in aducm IDE?


    I'm in need to do and update over RS485 interface and therefore need to write my own bootlader for AduCM362.

    Is there an example project for "ADuCM360 customized Eclipse IDE for C/C+ + Developers" that will have a simple bootlader that…

  • ADuCM362 128kB flash variant -- differences to 256kB variant apart from the flash size?

    Is there a difference, apart from the flash size, between the 256kB-flash variant and the 128kB variant?

    Does the 128kB flash memory span from address 0 to 0x1FFFF? What about the "uppermost page of user memory" (p. 85 of the user manual), containing…

  • ADuCM362: Measuring IOVDD/4 (relative to AGND vs. enabled or powered-down DAC)


    to measure IOVDD/4 the hardware reference manual of the ADuCM362 says on p. 32:

    • Select DAC as AIN− and set the DAC output to 600 mV
    • pADI_DAC->DACCON = 0x210
    • ...
    • AVDD supply = (ADC voltage + DAC) × 4

    Note that the output must be measured…

  • ADuCM362 串口配置问题,地址写不进去数

    我在ADI的FTP上下载了ADuCm362 UART 的例程,想要使用UART1 通信,但是我的芯片对应管脚无法输出数据,我直接往地址里面写数据也不能观察到数据被写入,运行时的汇编语言正确,UART1的所有寄存器都写不进去,但是UART0的正常,这是为什么呢?

    void UartSetup(void)


       DioCfgPin(pADI_GP0, PIN6, 1);                // Configure P0.6/P0.7 for UART1

       DioCfgPin(pADI_GP0, PIN7, 2…

  • where i default bootloader code and flow chart for ADuCM362? does it supports update over RS485 modbus

    where i default bootloader code and flow chart for ADuCM362? does it supports update over RS485 modbus

  • Aducm362 DAC基准必须是内部1.2V,还是可以使用Vref+和Vref-上的基准电压?

    Aducm362 DAC基准必须是内部1.2V,还是可以使用Vref+和Vref-上的基准电压?

  • RE: ADCM362

    Not sure if you have ADuCM362 example codes. If not, please access the below web site to download the examples. You can find how to read and calculate a number as well as using sinc3 filter from the ADC example codes.


  • RE: How to setup EVAL-ADUCM360 board and AD/Segger j-link device in CrossCore Embedded Studio

    As Barry mentioned, CCES can support the EVAL-ADuCM360 similar to how we support the EVAL-ADuCM362/3. Please see the following instructions: "How to debug an programs using an ADuCM362 and ADuCM363 Evaluation Board" on


  • RE: Eval board for ADUCM362BCPZ256

    We have ADuCM362 evaluation board available. You can apply it.

    But one thing not very sure is the part on the EVAL board. It looks that the part should be ADUCM362BCPZ256 on the Eval board from the picture showed in the ADuCM362 evaluation board website…