• ADuCM362 ADC conversion time,


    I'm using ADuCM362 evaluation board for data acquisition from different analog sensors, I need to read ADC counts and I need to send through UART for every 10 msec.

    So i need to calculate the conversion time for both ADC0 and ADC1.

    i initialized…

  • Demo AduCM36x with ADuCM362 questions

    Need help understanding some demo program settings.  We are using the Keil MDK uVision IDE with a ADuCM362 device.  The Blinky example in the ADuCM36x 1.0.3 Pack works fine but we are having some issues with imported examples from the ADuCM360 side.  We…

  • EVAL - ADUcM362  examples for IAR


    Document  UG-1071 "IAR EMBEDDED WORKBENCH"  :  

    "Open the IAR tools from the Start Menu. 2. Within the IAR IDE, click File > Open > Workspace and open a workspace provided by Analog Devices (for example, C:\ADuCM36x…\code\ADuCM362\examples…

  • Using ADuCM362 SPI Chip Select interrupt


    I'm trying to use the SPI Chip Select interrupt on an ADuCM362. I'm in continuous mode with CSIRQ_EN bit set in register SPI0DIV. When I'm looking at CSRSG and CSFLG flags of SPI0STA register in my interrupt handler, i never catch the event.…

  • ADUCM362/363 UART1 Clear To Send Pin

    What is the pin number of UART1 Clear To Send signal (CTS1) in ADUCM362/363 chip ?

  • Device pack for ADuCM362 to support uVision5

    When will Device pack for ADuCM362/3 be available to support uVision5? I can find ADuCM360/1. Thanks

  • using both uarts simultaneously on ADuCm362

    is there a code for using both uarts on ADuCm362 simultaneously?

  • UART1 is not working in EVAL-ADuCM362


    I'm using EVAL-ADuCM362 evaluation board, I try to send data through UART1, but it is not getting configured only when i see the registers in keil its always showing zero only.

    i attached my initialization code,

    please suggest if any changes…

  • Unable to build Blinky Example for ADuCM362 in IAR


        Is there an updated support package for IAR? 

        It seems there are some missing files ADuCM362.h when trying to build the example with the IAR workspace from ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/MicroConverter/ADuCM36x/code/ADuCM362/examples/Blink

        The IAR…

  • Are they  same verify command for ADuCM362 and ADuCM363

    According  http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN-1160.pdf

    ADuCM362 and ADuCM363 Verify command should be same. But now I encounter verify step3 command failed on  page 1 to page 4 (start page address 0, 2048, 4096,6144…