• ADuCM362 wakeup.

    How to wake up ADuCM362 form Hibernate Mode with wake-up timer working in period mode?

  • RE: ADUCM362/363 UART1 Clear To Send Pin


    The CTS1 pin isn't available on ADuCM362/363.

    Sorry for the delay.


  • ADucm362 adichip.ini file

    Can you provide me with the adichip.ini file?  I am working with the ADuCM362.

  • where i default bootloader code and flow chart for ADuCM362? does it supports update over RS485 modbus

    where i default bootloader code and flow chart for ADuCM362? does it supports update over RS485 modbus

  • Device pack for ADuCM362 to support uVision5

    When will Device pack for ADuCM362/3 be available to support uVision5? I can find ADuCM360/1. Thanks

  • RE: CN0359 code compatibility for ADuCM362

    Hi KoRba,

    You should be able to replace the ADuCM360 with the ADuCM362 in the CN0359.  Both devices should function exactly the same.  The only thing that you might have to do is just ensure that the pin definitions in the code match what is on the board…

  • RE: Purpose of ADuCM360 ADC buffers


    Your understand is right. For Gain=1, the buffer cannot be used, but this feature is enabled in ADuCM362/3. So if you use this feature, you can choose ADuCM362/3.

    For PGA gain>2, the PGA can serve as a buffer, so the buffer isn't necessary. If you…

  • ADUCM362 Application issue

    1.What's the impact of ADUCM362's singal end /Differential input for ADC measure?

    2.What's the ppm parameter of interner Internal watch crystal?

    3.Is there any setting guide file for sinc filter?

    4. In our eval sample code file (ADUCM362…

  • Are they  same verify command for ADuCM362 and ADuCM363

    According  http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN-1160.pdf

    ADuCM362 and ADuCM363 Verify command should be same. But now I encounter verify step3 command failed on  page 1 to page 4 (start page address 0, 2048, 4096,6144…

  • RE: Is there and example code for ADuCM362 bootlader in aducm IDE?

    Hi Jan,

    When you say "bootloader code" what exactly do you mean by that?

    I thought you were looking for an example piece of code, that once programmed into the ADuCM362, will run on powerup without having to reprogram the device.

    In your question…