• Programming ADuCM362

    Is there a way to program hex file into ADuCM362 without IAR or Keil?  I don’t find any on its homepage. The Crosscore Serial Flash Programmer 1.2.0 doesn’t support ADuCM362. #ADuCM362

  • RE: Demo AduCM36x with ADuCM362 questions


    Though ADuCM362 is very similar with ADuCM360, we don't suggest importing examples from ADuCM360. Unless you know very clearly the difference between ADuCM360 and ADuCM362. Actually we have examples of ADuCM362(ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/MicroConverter…

  • RE: ADuCM362 ADC conversion time,

    There is a tool named ADuCM362/ADuCM363 Design Filter Response Model can help you.

    You can find the tool in ADuCM362 product page.

  • RE: ADCM362

    Not sure if you have ADuCM362 example codes. If not, please access the below web site to download the examples. You can find how to read and calculate a number as well as using sinc3 filter from the ADC example codes.


  • RE: How to setup EVAL-ADUCM360 board and AD/Segger j-link device in CrossCore Embedded Studio

    As Barry mentioned, CCES can support the EVAL-ADuCM360 similar to how we support the EVAL-ADuCM362/3. Please see the following instructions: "How to debug an programs using an ADuCM362 and ADuCM363 Evaluation Board" on


  • using both uarts simultaneously on ADuCm362

    is there a code for using both uarts on ADuCm362 simultaneously?

  • RE: ADuCM362 vs ADuCM360

    can you send me a link for aducm362 cmsis pack

  • RE: Eval board for ADUCM362BCPZ256

    We have ADuCM362 evaluation board available. You can apply it.

    But one thing not very sure is the part on the EVAL board. It looks that the part should be ADUCM362BCPZ256 on the Eval board from the picture showed in the ADuCM362 evaluation board website…

  • Unable to build Blinky Example for ADuCM362 in IAR


        Is there an updated support package for IAR? 

        It seems there are some missing files ADuCM362.h when trying to build the example with the IAR workspace from ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/MicroConverter/ADuCM36x/code/ADuCM362/examples/Blink

        The IAR…