• Programming ADuCM362

    Is there a way to program hex file into ADuCM362 without IAR or Keil?  I don’t find any on its homepage. The Crosscore Serial Flash Programmer 1.2.0 doesn’t support ADuCM362. #ADuCM362

  • ADucm362 adichip.ini file

    Can you provide me with the adichip.ini file?  I am working with the ADuCM362.

  • ADuCM362 vs ADuCM360

    What are the differences between these two microcontrollers. The only documented differences seem to be: more SRAM, more flash, one extra UART? Are there more differences between these devices and is it recommended to use the ADuCM362 as a replacement…

  • ADuCM362 wakeup.

    How to wake up ADuCM362 form Hibernate Mode with wake-up timer working in period mode?

  • ADuCM362 ENOB


    Please clarify on the ENOB parameter of ADuCM362 as there is no mention about this parameter in the data sheet.



  • ADuCM362 UART Interrupts

    Currently using ADUCM362.  UART working using RX receive buffer interrupt.  I would now like to use Modem Status Interrupt (change to CTS line) to generate the UART interrupt.  I turn off all other interrupts to the uart and enable the modem status interrupt…

  • Terminal communication with ADuCM362?

    Can anyone explain/provide sample code on how to "talk" to a microcontroller (such as ADuCM362) using a terminal program such as PuTTY or Termite on a Windows machine.  For example, how do I output the results of digitizing a signal to a terminal…

  • ADUCM362 Application issue

    1.What's the impact of ADUCM362's singal end /Differential input for ADC measure?

    2.What's the ppm parameter of interner Internal watch crystal?

    3.Is there any setting guide file for sinc filter?

    4. In our eval sample code file (ADUCM362…

  • CRC32 for Verify ADuCM362

    Good afternoon. Give me please software implementation of the CRC32 algorithm for verifying the flash-page in the ADuCM362. In accordance with AN-1160 I use the following algorithm :

    unsigned long Crc32Lookup[256];

    void Crc32_Make_tbl(unsigned long …

  • ADuCM362 functional safety features

    I am evaluating the use of ADuCM362 /363 in a SIL application. Unfortunately the documentation online barely mentions SIL related features.

    What are the "Multiple diagnostic functions that support SIL certification" mention on the product page? I saw…