• RE: Can Aducm361 support internal FPU?


    Yes. ADuCM361 has Cortex M3 processor which has FPU.

  • CN0300: Is it possible to use the ADuCM361 instead of the ADuCM360?

    For CN0300, could the ADuCM361 be used – in other words implement the
    temperature readings and DAC feedback control with just one ADC instead of 2?


    As the circuit is currently built, if one ADC is used for everything, the DAC
  • RE: Can Aducm361 support internal FPU?


  • ADUCM361的ADC采样率问题


  • 关于ADuCM361的ADC测量程序

    如图,我想测量SA和SB的电压,  SB接的ANI1,SA接的ANI2




  • Current Capability Of Internal 1.2V Bandgap reference in ADuCM361

    I am using ADuM361 chip for one of my sensor data acquisition project. I came across a strange issue with the internal 1.2V bandgap reference . I have followed the decoupling recommendations mentioned in the datasheet and 1.2V is generating properly on…

  • ADUCM361 IO口兼容5V吗?

    请问:ADUCM361 IO口兼容5V吗?ADUCM361   IO引脚模拟IIC 与一个5V传感器的IIC通信,IIC线上加5v上拉电阻,长时间通信会有问题吗?

  • ADUCM361 DAC in interpolation mode

    User manual UG-367 declares: In this mode, an external RC filter is required to create a constant voltage.
    This is caused by output dithering used. Which is the minimal RC filter configuration and what RC values are recommended? 
    Cannot find any reference…
  • RE: About ADuCM361 DAC operating.

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • Microcontroller ID ADuCM360/ADuCM361

    Hi, where i find register with unique ID microcontrollers(ADuCM360/ADuCM361 series) or something like this  and value which i should expect? Also there is any register where can read size flash/sram memory? There are any information about this in public…