• ADUCM361 Measuring the Thermistor having high resistance value

    We are using ADUCM361 to measure the temperature sensor (Thermistor). The resistance of the thermistor varies from 2385 Ohm to 64880 Ohms. We are following the application note CN0359 to measure the this resistance. (Ratio-metric method). We are using…

  • ADuCM360/ADuCM361 Schematic Files


    The Schematic Files for the ADuCM360/ADuCM361 don't open due to an error.

    I'm trying to get them to open on EAGLE, but it keeps saying "wrong signature". 

    May you please fix this and upload a working schematic.

    Thank you

  • ADuCM361 serial download mode

    The Application Note 1160 states :

    But the datasheet states:


     According to the datasheet ANY reset (i.e. also power up) will bring the ADuCM
    into download mode however the application note states that the reset MUST be
    made by the RESET…

  • Differences with ADuCM361 and ADuCM363 parts

    What are the differences with ADuCM361 and ADuCM363 parts?

    I think the 363 part has more memory than the 361 part.

    We are currently using the ADUCM361BCPZ128 part for a production product, but there is no supply.

    There seems to be limited supply of th…

  • Example for parity checking on ADuCM361

    I would like to ask you if you have any example for parity checking? I have a
    bit problem with following code:
    ucCOMIID0 = UrtIntSta(pADI_UART);
    if ((ucCOMIID0 & 0x4) == 0x4)
    ucCOMLSR = UrtLinSta(pADI_UART);
    if((ucCOMLSR &…

  • ADUCM360/ADUCM361: External Clock

    I have an application that requires very precise timing. Can I connect a
    16.0000 MHz crystal to
    the XTALO/XTALI pins and use this to clock the Cortex M3 core? If so, can you
    values for the discrete components (R across crystal…
  • Difference between ADuCM360 and ADuCM361

    What is the difference between the ADuCM360 and ADuCM361?


    The only difference is that the ADuCM361 has just one 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC.
    The ADuCM360
    has two 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs. 

    Everything else is the same - pin-out, package…
  • ADUCM361 physical memory organization


    can you provide information about how the ram on the ADCUCM361 is organized physically, which memory cells are adjacent ?

    I have to do a 'Walking Bit' memory test for a functional safety project where I also have to check the neighbours of the currently…

  • ADUCM361 sampling frequency with single conversion mode and multi channel


    We are using ADUCM361 in our project. We have below queries. Please claify

    1. What is the maximum ADC sampling frequency, if the ADC is configured with single conversion mode and switching between 2 channels. (Example: Conigure ADC to read channel…