• ADUCM331 examples


    where I can download code examples for aducm331/aducm330 ?

  • ADuCM331 "Invalid ROM Table" Error


    I'm working on a design with ADuCM331. When I use ARM Ulink Plus SWD interface to download program to my prototype I get the error Invalid ROM Table.

    I tried to use lower clock speed and changed the setting but no lucky. There are some solutions…

  • Can't write value to flash(ADuCM331)

    Can't write value at 0x7FC location again in ADuCM331.

    At first, 0x7FC location can be written with 0x00000000, 0x00000000. And the value can be cheked by the debug.

    And nexttime, I try to rewrite value 0xffffffff, 0x16400000 at 0x7FC location. but…

  • Can't run my application in ADuCM331

    Can't run my application in ADuCM331.

    Using Attached example file in IAR, after compile the source without warning and error, downloading to target board(exactly EVAL-ADUCM331QSPZ). And the target worked well.

    And then, in attached example file I…

  • Not able to connect debugger to AduCM331.

    I work with Bootloaders, While testing with ADuCm330 EVB, I mistakenly overwritten the memory area 0x00 – 0x10, It gave me a hard fault and I have not been able to connect my debugger to the EVB since then. The current status of the EVB is that it does…

  • RE: ADuCM33x: Could you please provide GPIO block diagram?


    I can confirm that the ADuCM331 GPIO structure is identical to the ADuCM360 GPIO structure.



  • ADuCM33x: What specification of "Power-down" in kernel-flow?

    Hi all.

    We are evaluating the ADuCM330.
    I have a question in kernel-operation.

    What specification of "Power-down" in "ADuCM330/ADuCM331 Hardware Reference Manual UG-716 Rev. B | Page 27 of 126 Figure 4. ADuCM330/ADuCM331 Kernel Flowchart "…

  • RE: Difference between ADuCM331WFS and ADuCM300W

    Hi Bruce,

    the ADuCM300 is a re-spin of the ADuCM331.
    The idea is to have a part available with no reference to intelligent battery sensing to appeal to a different market.


  • RE: How to use ADUCM330/331 UART mode to TX and RX data


    Here some example code I have done in the past which allows to export I/V/T ADC data in UART mode.

    This example code is Tx only, note that the ADuCM331 can only transmit or receive in UART mode, not both.

    In order to receive data you could used…

  • ADUcM330 LFOSC Calibration

    I want to calibrate the LFO (32 K Hz) of ADuCM330 for which I have been referring to ADuCM330/ADuCM331 Hardware Reference Manual UG-716   


     The value of the register TRMVAL (Oscillator trim value) does not get altered…