• ADuCM320i vs ADuCM320


    would you please let me know what the differences are between ADuCM320i and ADuCM320?

    I have a hard time finding this info.


  • ADuCM320 DMA SPI example


    I am looking for a configuration example to send several spi transactions (let's say a packet of 240 bytes) through dma where chip select should be toggled each 3 bytes. Any example is welcome.


  • serial download mode(Debug mode), AducM320 can not be program after initially program use the SWDIO and SWCLK

    (1) Jlink download Firmware into AducM320 by the Jlink with serial SWDIO and SWCLK 

    (2) after ADucM320 running well, then try to download updated Firmware in the ADucM320 again, while can not download whatever the P2.3(BM) setting high or lower

    just popup…

  • downloading issue with MDIOWSD v0.1 and aducm320

    An issue has been identified with MDIOWSD v0.1 supplied on the evaluation DVD.

    This issue presents itself as a verify error when certain hex files are downloaded.

    The issue has been fixed in the latest version which is avalable from ftp://ftp.analog.com…

  • aducm320中的PLA中GPIO INPUT和PLA_DIN0分别灌入什么数据

    想请教一下PLA是怎样工作的,并且PLA_DIN0和GPIO INPUT灌入什么数据,两个信号有关系吗?

  • aducm320和aducm320烧写问题





  • ADUCM320 internal temperature sensor calculating negative temperature ?

    Hi Sir,

    We us the formula " T = ((VADC-1290)/4.394)+25 " However, always we calculated all negative temperature degree C

    For example,

     (a) AD22 value : 20000 

    ((20000*(2500/65536))-1290)/4.394+25 = -95 ??

      (b) AD22 value : 26500


  • IS it possible to measure voltage drop on internal Vref output buffer output on ADuCM320?

    On our micro we enabled vref output bufferB so on pni AIN11 the 2,5 reference voltage is available.

    With this voltage we power some analog circuits like NTC's. We are doubting if the internal reference voltage is always 100% equal to the external voltage…

  • RE: ADuCM320 Documentation

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.