• RE: ADuCM320 Programming Modes and Interaces

    As outlined already in the thread

    ADuCM320 bootloader activation

    for now only the MDIO is supported on ADuCM320.

  • RE: ADuCM320 Documentation

    The ADuCM320 has just been released and access to the datasheet looks to be a problem.  To help out in the short term this document ADuCM320.pdf is attached to this reply.  In future for normal access to datasheets go to www.analog.com and search for ADuCM320…

  • ADuCM320工程文件,用Keil打开时报错

         一个别人开发的项目,现在由我接手。用ADuCM320开发的。我装了Keil MDK5以及在ADI官网的ADuCM320网页下的“ADuCM320 CMSIS Pack: Download this file to add support for the ADuCM320 to Keil uVision.”。然后去尝试打开源代码里的工程文件,结果弹出如下提示。请问这是为什么?

  • RE: ADuCm320i I2C下载程序

    请下载ADuCm320i I2C下载程序

    ADuCM320 Evaluation Board Documentation


    I HAVE addressed a issue about aducm320 MDIO。 but for a few days  no supportor give me a response. what is worse, the note was deleted by someone. why?why?

    1. what is the level of MDIO? if connect to CFP CONNECTOR, should we need to convert the level…

  • RE: ADUCM320:Questions about the MDIO communication


    Q1 http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/user-guides/ADuCM322_Getting_Started_Guide_UG-910.pdf

    There's a typo there but have a look at MSDIO download mode. (meant to be MDIO download mode)


    SUB-20-LB-1.2 has the ability…

  • ADUCM320 AVDD and PVDD


    During my board power-up cycle, I like to use the ADUCM320 as the power sequencer controller. During the initial power-sequence stages, the ADUCM320 AVDD3/4 and PVDD power rails will be shutdown. My questions are:

    1) Could the ADUCM320 digital I…

  • RE: Flash ADuCM320 using Aardvark Flash Center GUI

    The actual version of the AduCM320, according to the data sheet can only be programmed through Serial Wire Debug Interface or MDIO.

    Also please see ADuCM320 Programming Modes and Interaces

  • RE: ADuCM320 footprint


    The physical pin-out of the ADuCM320 matches the BGA diagram shown above and taken from the datasheet.

    There is no H7, H5 balls on the real ADuCM320 chip.

    The reason there is extra "ghost balls" that are unconnected in the schematic symbol is because…

  • CodeCoverage

    I'm using Cortex-M3 processor ADuCM320.

    The ARM processor doesn't contain the trace Module inside (it's optional and was not integrated there...)

    Is there a possibility to get Code Coverage and performance analyse data for code running on…