• aducm320和aducm320烧写问题





  • ADuCM320 Documentation

    Where do I find the ADuCM320 datasheet and other documentation?

  • ADuCM320 footprint


    In the ADuCM320 EVB schematics, I've found several not-connected balls e.g. H7, H5 ea. (see below)

    In the ADuCM320 datasheet, at the footprint description section, all these not-connected balls don't exist at all!

    E.g. ball H7 is not…

  • ADuCM320 interrupt status

    Hello All,

    MY customer has a question for ADuCM320 interrupt status.

    Their question is that Interrupt Status is the “latch” operation or Not. Could you let me know?




    Initialize the VDAC, then the comparator initialize…

  • ADuCM320 VDAC

    Hello All,

    I have two questions for ADuCM320 VDAC below.

    According to the UG-498 page 42, it stated equivalent circuit. (Please see the attached file)

    Q1) If reverse current is injected to the output side of the DAC_BUF, Is there any problems that…

  • ADuCM320 CRC/Signature

    The ADuCM320 documentation mentions a CRC polynomial x24+x23+x6+x5+x+1.  What exactly does this mean and how is it used?

  • ADuCM320 reset while debugging

    When debugging the ADuCM320 it seem I cannot reset the part properly.

  • ADuCM320 DMA to DAC


    I am trying to use the DMA in ADuCM320 to generate a sin wave using one of the internal VDACs(or, alternatively an external SPI DAC). I want to use the DMA to write the waveform samples into the DAC in order to reduce the processor overhead and I…

  • ADuCM320 internal 2.5V reference

    Hello All,


    My costumer is asking me ADuCM320 internal 2.5V reference load current. The datasheet is stated 1.2mA, but looks like 2.0mA at the user guide.

    Could you let me know which value should we follow?  Are those under the same setup conditions…

  • ADuCM320 Block Switching

    Hello all,

    My customer has some questions for MDIO Block Switching to understand, could you please let me know following three questions?

    Q1) At the Kernel, does "Downloader mode (no valid code)" have MDIO Download?

    Reason is that the "Program…