• ADuCM310 revision information

    Hi team

    My customer will use ADuCM310.
    Samples were delivered.
    The customer requested revision information.
    There is no tracking information for the sample.
    The marking of ADuCM310 is ADuCM310BBCZ D30/1944 4737895

    ID Data after entering the boot loader

  • ADuCM310 Download protocol

    Hi team

    I have question about ADuCM310 download protocol.


    In the AN-1160 Cortex-M3-Based Serial Download Protocol document, Write, Reset, and Erase are normal ACK responses…

  • [ADuCM310]Modulation application

    Dear ADI

    I'm Lonnie Kim DFAE in Sheenbang at Korea.

    Our customer requested there is any application about FSK modulation or Manchester encoding/decoding applications?

    Could you provide them?


    - FSK modulation application

    Manchester encoding…

  • ADuCM310 Power Comsumption

    Hi team

    My customer asked me that ADuCM320 main clock vs power consumption.

    I found below document.


    Can you share power consumption document  for  ADuCM310…

  • Programming ADuCM310 issues


    I am using Keil to program the ADuCM310 with the LED toggling sampling code from the pack. To download the code I use the segger programmer. It seems like the programmer recognized the processor and I get the following message:

    JLink info…
  • ADuCM310 power supply range


    We have an optical application where we would like to provide 3.3VDC for IDACs instead of recommended (1.8 to 2.7 VDC).

    Would that be possible?

    Best Regards

  • Keil Version for ADuCM310

    Hi team

    I saw an error while downloading AduCM310 MCU using Keil compiler.
    When you turn on the power and download it, you can see the error below.

    After that, if you repeat the download, it continues to work well.
    Turn on the power and an error comes out…

  • Performing FFT in ADuCM310


    I want to perform an FFT to a continuously incoming data read from the ADC. Are there are libraries that you can suggest or example code? I am using the Keil as the development tool for the ADuCM310,

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated before…

  • ADuCM310/M320/M322: Can you provide more details on DVDD Power-on requirements plot?

    Can more details be provided for this plot from the ADuCM310, ADuCM320(I), ADuCM322(I) datasheets?

    Can the requirements be explained?

  • RE: Programming ADuCM362

    The Crosscore Serial Flash Programmer never supported ADuCM360 or any other ADuCM part such as ADuCM310, ADuCM350, ADuCM320.

    CM3WSD supports ADuCM362/3