• ADuCM3029 Start up Time

    Startup Characteristics of ADuCM3029:

    Hi Team,

    Do you know the time it takes from voltage reaching the desired level( minimum supply) to execution of the first instruction?  I am trying to understand the 70-75 msecs that I am seeing during start up before…

  • ADuCM3029 Read Protection


    I want to enable read protection but still need SWD port access after validating the device key.

    Can you confirm that when the device key is validated the SWD port is opened so that flash/register addresses can be read/written? (in addition to SSL…

  • FT232 interface with ADuCM3029

    We are interfacing FT232 to aducm3029 which operates at 3V. But the FT232 operates at 3.3V . Will this cause a problem?

  • ADuCM3029 power calculation


    I am trying to find a way to determine the power consumed by an ADuCM3029. Is there a document in which I can find equations to do that?

    I have looked over the https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADuCM3027_3029.…

  • Programming of ADuCM3029

    As the microcontroller was the new release I'm not getting any example codes for getting an overview of programming. 
     I had tried to program in IAR embedded workbench but in the options of this software, it didn't have  ADuCM3029 compatibility…
  • Programming of ADuCM3029

    Which user-friendly development environment should I prefer for programming ADuCM3029.

     Possible provide with important links to basic codes and software development tools.


    Currently developing smart garbage monitoring system under Anveshan 2016 by…

  • EVAL-ADICUP3029 / ADuCM3029


    I have a EVAL-AD5940BIOZ kit that I cannot get to work. I have original post here:


    It is the main board ADICUP3029 (ADuCM3029) that I am…

  • adi_adxl363_ConfigActivity on ADucm3029

    This should be an easy one, maybe a dumb question. I'm using the aducm3029 eval board and want to set the threshold levels on the ADXL363 accelerometer. I see the function adi_adxl363_ConfigActivity that does this, but can't find any functions that call…

  • PWM using ADuCM3029


    I am using the EVAL-ADuCM3029 in CCES to create a PWM signal using TMR2 to drive a servo motor. I need a pulse width between 1ms and 2ms with a period of 20ms. I have been able to generate a period of 20ms and get the pulse width down to 2ms but nothing…

  • ADuCM3029: ACLK value


    I want to configure the internal ADC of the ADuCM3029, but I have some questions about ACLK.

    1. In the document ADuCM302x-mixed-signal-control-processor-hardware-reference.pdf, page 6-22, Table 6-9, it is said that ACLK default value is 6.5 MHz…