• SWD ADuCM3029

    I made my own PCB using ADUCM30299 as microcontroller;
    in this card I also have a power management, BLE, Flash memory,USB Type C 
    when I tried to calculate the voltage in SWD_CLK, SWD_DATA, ....
    I find that SWD_DATA always equal to 3V…
  • RE: EVAL-ADICUP3029 / ADuCM3029

    Changed the MCU (ADUCM3029) and now it works.

  • RE: Query Related to Debug code of ADUCM3029 MCU (EVAL-AD5940ELCZ)


             GPIO interrupt input of ADuCM3029 (P0.15) connects to AD5940's interrupt output pin(Gp0, Pin2 ). 

              This interrupt causes the ucInterrupted flag to be ON or OFF.

              This GPIO interrupt is asserted and cleared whenever AppRAMPSeqADCCtrlGen…

  • RE: ADuCM3029 power calculation

    Hi Andrei,

    I believe the datasheet has all the details that you need to calculate the current consumption(page 5-6) . I'm not sure if we are on the same page.




    Hi OElbahri209,

    In IAR General Options>Library Configuration>CMSIS tab toggle the Use CMSIS and DSP Library.

    Just take note the ADuCM3029 doesn't have FPU chip so computations with floating points can hard to implement.



  • ADuCM3029


       I use IAR as IDE and I am using sample codes in BSP Package as reference. But when I try to merge twop codes (uart and gpio) and write a code, it shows an error in the included files(like in gpio_uart_v1, etc.,). Why does this happen and how to…

  • Sleep mode ADUCM3029

    Hi EZ,

    I am currently working on an embedded project which use a ADUCM3029 microprocessor, and I need to save as much current as possible, that is why I am using the function provide by ADI : adi_pwr_EnterLowPowerMode().


    It exist 4 sleep mode according…



    I'm trying to use SPI as slave on aducm3029 but something seems to be wrong. I already have used it as master but as slave it doesn't work. I just want to send some data (2 bytes) when the external master enables but I can't use interruptions of any…

  • ADuCM3029 Start up Time

    Startup Characteristics of ADuCM3029:

    Hi Team,

    Do you know the time it takes from voltage reaching the desired level( minimum supply) to execution of the first instruction?  I am trying to understand the 70-75 msecs that I am seeing during start up before…