• ADuCM3029


       I use IAR as IDE and I am using sample codes in BSP Package as reference. But when I try to merge twop codes (uart and gpio) and write a code, it shows an error in the included files(like in gpio_uart_v1, etc.,). Why does this happen and how to…

  • RE: Is there a tool to develop on Linux for the ADuCM3027/29 ?

    For all interested in developing projects for ADuCM3029 on Linux, I have now posted a project for a tool-chain based on Code::Blocks and GCC for ARM which includes a header-file, a basic linker-control-file and a startup.s for the ADuCM3029.

    How to …

  • ADuCM3029 : Mounting of UART by SPORT


    1.In AN-1435 Page4, ADuCM3029 (SPORT A FS_A) and UART (RX) are connected .
         Connection between the ADuCM3029(SPORT A FS_A)  and the UART(RX) ==> Communication was NG.
         Connection between the ADuCM3029(SPORT SD0_A)  and the UART(RX) ==> Communication…

  • RE: Best transciever pick for SDR approach Tx/Rx communication on C6748 DSP

    Hi Nelson,

    You could check the ADuCM3029 (M3-based MCU) or the ADuCM4050 (M4-based MCU). We have a kit (EVAL-ADF7030-1 EZ-KIT) that uses both the ADF7030-1 and the ADuCM3029. This comes with an evaluation software GUI that lets you transmit and receive…

  • RE: ADuCM3029 ADC_CFG bit 3 purpose?

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the response.

    Ok, so it is safe to use VBAT as VREF without setting the ADC_CFG_VREFVBAT bit to 1 on ADuCM3029?

    Just to make sure: Setting this bit, marked as reserved will have no effect on ADuCM3029 . The code was added in the…

  • cannot read register 15 (R15) while CPU is running

    Error Message when doing a Download and Debug on the POST project.

    Error:  J-Link Driver report: ''Can not read register 15 (R15) while CPU is running''.

    What is wrong? How can I fix this? aducm3029

    Follow the settings recommended in…

  • Programming of ADuCM3029

    As the microcontroller was the new release I'm not getting any example codes for getting an overview of programming. 
     I had tried to program in IAR embedded workbench but in the options of this software, it didn't have  ADuCM3029 compatibility…
  • RE: How to interface ADF7023 with ADuCM3029?

    Please provide information how to proceed ADF7023 with ADuCM3029......

  • RE: Is it possible to have training for ADUCM30x MCU's

    Hi ,

    The product page for ADuCM3029 has some user guides and video tutorials to get started on the MCU. 


    Please refer to the materials available in the product page.  For questions…