• ADI最新中文资料大汇总(2017年6月)




  • RE: 7/12/16: Smart Partitioning and IoT System Development

    Analog Devices has a range of different micro controllers and digital signal processors. You can find the full range here: http://www.analog.com/en/products/processors-dsp.html

    Our range of digital signal processors typically target high performance…

  • RE: how to flasher the "EVAL-ADuCM3029 EZ-KIT" circuit using the J-Link Lite

    Hi ,

    You can refer to the following document : http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/user-guides/ADuCM3027-ADuCM3029-User-Guide-UG-1091.pdf for correct setup of IAR in programming ADuCM3029.

    The problem maybe due to incorrect configuration…

  • RE: Programming of ADuCM3029

    Hi Maria,

    For ADuCM3027/ADuCM3029 related queries, you can post your questions at :The specified item was not found. forum.

    For ADuCM3029 development, you can use IAR workbench or CrossCode Embedded Studio which is eclipse based.

    For ease of use, you…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2018 年 3 月)




    本应用笔记将讨论如何使用ADuCM3027/ADuCM3029处理 器的串行外设接口(SPI)与SD卡进行接口。

    本应用笔记讨论过采样和求均值技术的优势,可将其应用 于ADuCM3027/ADuCM3029系统集成的12位ADC所采集…

  • RE: How to set the sampling rate in ADUcm3029?


    The ADuCM3029 ADC sampling rate can be varied up to 1.8 Msps using the multiple conversion mode. But for sample rates lower that 10ksps you must do dummy reads due to the ADC must not be remain idle for more than 100uS.

    For your requirement…

  • CRC check fail

    If the CRC check executed when booting the part is invalid, the user flash memory is protected with no read/write access allowed. Only the flash mass erase command is allowed. In this case, user code execution is not allowed.

  • SRAM parity failure

    If a SRAM parity error is detected a bus error will be generated. Even if parity error is detected when writing a byte or halfword, the write operation is completed and parity bits will be updated according to the new data. It is responsibility of the…

  • SRAM parity check

    SRAM parity is only checked when data is read and when byte or halfword data is written. Parity is not checked when word (32 bits) write is performed.