• ADUCM3027 Arduino Support - IDE


    is there support by ADUCM3027 for Arduino IDE?

    Or Arduino compatible eval board?

    Thanks and Regards


  • MMR Address Map for ADuCM3027/29

    In which document can I find a detailed Address-Map for the MMRs?

    I.e. besides the base address for the GPIO ports - where do I find a detailed list of addresses to access the different GPIO control MMRs like GPIO_CFG, GPIO_OUT or GPIO_TGL for all different…

  • When build the target board with ADuCM3029/ADuCM3027


    Let me clear about development and flash writing for the target board with ADuCM3029/3027.

    1) For developing with the target board, which combination will work?

       A) CCES + ICE-1000/2000 : work (do you have any PCB design guide for this?)

       B) CCES…

  • About the rewriting of firmware via UART(ADuCM3027)

    In ADuCM 3027, application notes describe that rewriting of firmware is possible via UART,
    After rewriting, the program broke at boot. It ceased to recognize J-LINK.
    It may be caused by not being able to rewrite page 0.


    Can ADuCM 3027 update the program…

  • Is there a tool to develop on Linux for the ADuCM3027/29 ?

    How can I develop with the ADuCM3027/29 on Linux?

    I used to use i.e. the GDB-Server for J-Link and can use most of the available tool-chains on Linux.

    I.e. Eclipse or Code::Blocks.

    I don't see the part supported with the GDB-Server for J-Link or Open…

  • RE: ADuCM3029 ADC_CFG bit 3 purpose?

    Hi ,

    Bit no. 3 of ADC_CFG register is reserved in case of ADuCM3027/ADuCM3029. 

    The bit is used for additional functionality in case of ADuCM4050, for selecting VBAT as VREF (ADC reference). This feature is not supported in case of ADuCM3027…

  • MMR Address Map

    The address of the different registers present on the ADuCM3029/ADuCM3027 devices are listed on the last chapter of the Hardware Reference Manual. The chapter is called “ADuCM302x Register List”.

  • RE: How the pins(0-13 and A0-A5) are initialised for digital I/O and Analog Input?

    Hi Mchetan133,

    To which microcontroller are you referring? This forum is for ADuCM3027 and ADuCM3029, and there are no pins A0-A5.

    May you please provide any additional information?

    Thanks in advance,


  • RE: Looking for  a basic microcontroller with integrated ADC

    Hi Eamon,

    I would also recommend looking at the ADuCM3027/ADuCM3029, which are ARM Cortex-M3 cores with a built in 12-bit 8-channel ADC, which runs on a programmable 1.25V or 2.5V reference.



  • RE: Debugger errors

    Hi ,

    J-link software started to support ADuCM3027 and ADuCM3029 at J-Link version V6.14.

    Maybe you are using version lower than V6.14, you need to update to have the ADuCM3029 device included in the supported devices.