• ADuC7126 I2CxMSTA

    I'm looking at Rev.C of the datasheet. The I2CMTFSTA field of the register has both 01 and 10 defined as "one byte in master Tx FIFO". Is that a typo error?

  • ADuC7126 Library Files

    I'm using the ADuC7126 and have the evaluation kit. I have a question about the peripheral devices and peripheral library files.


    I have previously worked with the ADuCM360 chip and this was supplied with peripheral libraries on the CD in the folder…

  • Aduc7126 IIC problem



    1. I use the Analog Source CODE provided modified I2C1 use, I use two circuit board testing,

       Other addresses tests are OK, but just use the I2C1 Section 4 addresses (I2C1ADR0 [3]) communications have problems,

       SLAVE NO ACK from the wa…

  • Deactivate RTCK on ADuC7126


    is it possible to disable the RTCK signal during debugging the ADuC7126? I want to use P4.5 as a GPIO but this pin is shared with RTCK.

  • Jtag Verbindung mit ADUC7126

    Hallo, ich kann den ADUC7126 nicht mit µVision4 von Keil Programmieren. Ich bekomme immer folgenden Fehler:

    Load "C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Handheld_firmware_06_08_12\\Objects\\Handheld_fw.AXF"

    ProjectFile …

  • temperature sensor in ADuC7126

    I set TSCON=0x01、ADCCP=10000 and got ADCDAT[27:16]=0x79E

    According to the tempearture calculation in datasheet, the temperature is around -44degree celcius.

    what is wrong with my temperature measurement  and calculation?

  • ADuC7126 VIC table alignment

    The interrupt handler table's start address is supposed to be aligned on 128 bytes boundary for assigning to IRQBASE. How do you do that with Keil uVision3? That is, what compiler or linker command or keyword or #pragma to use? Please give example.…

  • ADuC7126串口下载

    用ARMWSD波特率9600下载程序到ADuC7126到板子上,10块板子只有一两块成功,其他显示received waiting for correct ID string,是什么原因。我感觉是是7126下载时比特率不准。不知道有没有这种情况

  • Debugging the ADUC7126 not work

    Hi, I can not debug the ADuC7126 via JTAG, the error message of keilC as below, PLEASE HELP, thank you so mush......


    KeilC : uV3

    JLink : V4.08I

    Error message of keilC

    Load "C:\\Users\\SAM\\Desktop\\ACC BI\\ACC_ADC(1041230)OK-one mcu v2.3…

  • ADUC7126 llC通讯问题?




         Slave没有ACK 从波形看起来Master是正常的,请问Slave为何没回应是那边有问题?