• How to speak with a ADuC7126

    Hello  everyone!

    I have chosen a ADuC7126  because it has more memory than ADuc7026, which is familiar to me.

    The problem is that i cannot get neither printf nor scanf to work. I use the Keil realview-compiler. In the

    C:\ADuC7XXXV0.2\ADUC7124_26 Fo…

  • RE: ADUC 7126

    hi Pratap,

    A development system is available to evaluate the device: http://www.analog.com/en/processors-dsp/analog-microcontrollers/aduc7126/processors/EVAL-ADUC7126/eb.html

    It contains all the tools and software required to program and debug your…

  • RE: Where to store calibration data in a ADuC7126?


    You can use one of the flash pages of the ADUC7126 for this type of storage.

  • RE: Debugging the ADUC7126 not work

    Best to follow the Getting Started Guide and use ADuC712x or AduC7126 in place of ADuC702x.

  • I locked myself out while changing to external Clock. How to repair?

    Hi there to everyone.

    I have a ADuC7126 Evaluation Board, uvision3,  Realview-compiler and want to evaluate a  Signal Generator.

    As i found the 41.7792 MHz PLL has a strong jitter, i thought it would be a good idea to supply the ADuC7126 with an external…

  • ADuC7126 I2CxMSTA

    I'm looking at Rev.C of the datasheet. The I2CMTFSTA field of the register has both 01 and 10 defined as "one byte in master Tx FIFO". Is that a typo error?

  • Deactivate RTCK on ADuC7126


    is it possible to disable the RTCK signal during debugging the ADuC7126? I want to use P4.5 as a GPIO but this pin is shared with RTCK.

  • RE: ADuC7024 RTOS

    I ported FreeRTOS to ADuC7026 some 2.5 years ago and have just ported to ADuC7126.

  • RE: Aduc7126 IIC problem

    Please help me.
    I tried for a long time tried out.
    This is aduc7126 I2C the bug?