• ADuC7124 & IAR 6.40

    Is IAR Embedded workbench 6.40 compatible with the ADuC7124 and mIDAS-Link?

    My program is compiling fine, but when I try to download, I get the popups below.

    I am using IAR Embedded Workbench IDE 6.40 & J-Link V4.51d(beta).


  • Possible Bug on ADuC7124?


    the last 2 days is had trouble with the interrupt on T1 (GP Timer). I found that the interrupt could not be cleared, even though T1CLRI was set to clear the interrupt and T1CON was set to 0x200 (disabled, with 32kHz Clk). So, the interrupt occured…

  • Enteting bootloader mode by software(ADuC7124)


    Is it possible to put in the boot mode by software after reset? We know that The device put in bootloader mode after bm pin set Low to reset the device. But we couldn't reach the hardware. That`s why we need to use the software. We delete all code…

  • ADuC7124 Timer1 drifts when sampling ADC

    I have created an ADuC7124 project using KEIL uVision to sample an ADC channel at 25KHz.  First, I used Timer1, a GPIO pin, and oscilloscope to confirm the timer is running at 25KHz.  However, when I added the ADC code, the timer seems to slow down slightly…

  • ADuC7124 can not be supported well on Keil or IAR with emulator

    1. The recent part ADuC7124 did not supported very well currently, with keil provided within the ADuC7124 CD, it is recognized as ADuC7023 and thus specific features/registers can not be accessed via emulator.

    2. IAR did no support ADuC7124 yet.


  • On the ADuC7124 I can't protect flash block 1 using the ARMWSD serial downloader

    On the ADuC7124 I can't protect flash block 1 (the one with lower addresses ) using the ARMWSD serial downloader.

    I downloaded a piece code to the ADuC7124 using ARMWSD and write protected it.

    After a reset I was able to overwrite it.

  • RE: ADuC7060: How do I generate a repeated Start in I2C Master mode?

    In addition, this source code is also valid for the following products:





  • ADuC7023: What are the rising and falling trigger levels for edge based interrupts?

    On the ADuC7023, at what voltage on the input pin  will a)  a rising edge  external interrupt be triggered b) a falling edge external interrupt?

    The same question applies for the ADuC7121, ADuC7122, ADuC7124 and ADuC7126.