• ADuC7029 SPI

    Does the ADuC7029 only support a 4-wire SPI via the hardware SPI on-chip, or is there a configuration for 3-wire SPI? 

    I found a software solution here: http://ez.analog.com/message/73983#73983 with the ADuC7026.  Will this solution also work on the ADuC7029…

  • Devices on EVAL-ADUC7029

    Is ADuC7029BBCZ62 implemented in EVAL-ADUC7029 or is ADuC7029BBCZ62I implemented?

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  • ADuC7029 I2C bootloader

    --- Background:

    My project needs a bootloader using I2C interface to implement online upgrade. We do not allow using a hardware pin to  switch bootloader and application!!!

    That is we do not allow switching bootloader and application by controlling BM pin…

  • ADUC7029 Flash Protection Issue


    I have a question on the flash protection of the ADuC7029.

    It seems that after programming the FEEPRO, the JTAG is not accessible (I can’t connect through JTAG probe anymore), but I am still able to connect and read back from the ADuC702x through…

  • Nosie on DACs of ADuC7029


    Below is a captured screen to show signal waveform from DAC of ADuC7029 on my target board.

    A waveform of DC must be observed on DAC ouput pin becasue I congiured 0x08000000 to DACxDAT register.

    The waveform like wawtooth as shown below seems…

  • ADuC7029 I2C ACK/NACK timing


    We are using the ADuC7029 in Slave Mode with the master running at 400kHz. The processor speed is set to 10.4Mhz.

    We are seeing if SCL is low (< 1.25usec), there is a delay by the ADuC7029, to “ACK”, creating a scenario on the bus called late…

  • ADUC7029 串口下载

    ADUC7029 串口下载,利用官方ARMWSD.EXE软件,请问一下,7029的SPM0 和SPM1怎么和PC的RS232连接?电源和GND呢?

  • ADUC7029 Serial Download HEX through RS232

    I am using ARMWSD.EXE to download HEX into ADUC7029,but I do not know how to connect aduc7029's SPM0 AND SPM1 to RS232 of PC

  • ADuC7023与ADuC7029的区别!

         简单对比了一下Datasheet,它们的内核都是 ARM7TDMI ,除了I/O口数量和部分外设不同外,其它也没发现特别的不同之处。

         我感到奇怪的是,为什么 ADuC7029Datasheet的大标题上列出了整个系列包括了ADuC7019~7029,唯独跳过了ADuC7023!


  • ADuC7028/ADuC7029 - Is underfill required when using these packages?

    The ADuC7028 and ADuC7029 come in 64-Ball and 49-Ball BGA packages respectively.

    When mounting these devices on a PCB, is underfill required?