• ADUC7029 Serial Download HEX through RS232

    I am using ARMWSD.EXE to download HEX into ADUC7029,but I do not know how to connect aduc7029's SPM0 AND SPM1 to RS232 of PC

  • ADuC7029 SPI

    Does the ADuC7029 only support a 4-wire SPI via the hardware SPI on-chip, or is there a configuration for 3-wire SPI? 

    I found a software solution here: http://ez.analog.com/message/73983#73983 with the ADuC7026.  Will this solution also work on the ADuC7029…

  • RE: ADCBUSY pin on ADuC7024

    The ADCBUSY enable bit in ADCCON is ignored on all ADuC702x devices, ADuC7019 to ADuC7029, including the ADuC7023.

  • ADuC7028/ADuC7029 - Is underfill required when using these packages?

    The ADuC7028 and ADuC7029 come in 64-Ball and 49-Ball BGA packages respectively.

    When mounting these devices on a PCB, is underfill required?

  • ADuC7029 I2C ACK/NACK timing


    We are using the ADuC7029 in Slave Mode with the master running at 400kHz. The processor speed is set to 10.4Mhz.

    We are seeing if SCL is low (< 1.25usec), there is a delay by the ADuC7029, to “ACK”, creating a scenario on the bus called late…

  • RE: Nosie on DACs of ADuC7029

    It came from a defective amplifier ahead of ADC input.

    After replacing it with another one, it was fixed.


  • ADUC7029 Flash Protection Issue


    I have a question on the flash protection of the ADuC7029.

    It seems that after programming the FEEPRO, the JTAG is not accessible (I can’t connect through JTAG probe anymore), but I am still able to connect and read back from the ADuC702x through…

  • I2C: what kind of interrupt does slave generates in receiving ACK?

    ADUC7029 I2C slave transmit: what kind of interrupt does slave generates in receiving ACK after the master sends it out in acknowledge of the 1st byte that slave sent? That is, what value is in the I2C0SSTA register in this case?

  • ADUC7029 串口下载

    ADUC7029 串口下载,利用官方ARMWSD.EXE软件,请问一下,7029的SPM0 和SPM1怎么和PC的RS232连接?电源和GND呢?

  • missing adc samples with ADuC702x

    I'm using the ADuC7029 to sample 4 different channels sequencially on timer 0 and every now and then I seem to be missing the sample corresponding to one of the channels.

    I've done some investigation and it seems to depend whether I change ADC_CP…