• Aduc7023 program with USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z

    we want to use the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z(MCV combi DONGLF) along with the I2CFTWSD.exe program to program Aduc7023. The driver of the "Aduc70xy USB-combi-Downloader" has been setup successfully.However, when running this program, it is unable to communicate…

  • ADUC7023 ADC question

    Hi Sir,

    About ADUCM7023 IC, Whether the ADUC7032 has ADC calibration in FT test ? 


  • Retention Data ADUC7023


    I am currently working on the ADUC7023 microcontroller and I am using the NI USB-8452 for programming.

    I am wondering what could be the consequence of programming the flash memory without erasing all the flash memory before ? Could it be critical…

  • Use NI USB-8452 to program ADUC7023


    I am using the dongle device (I2CWSD) and the NI USB-8452 device to program the ADUC7023 via I2C.

    The following description is for the NI USB-8452.

    I have checked the AN-806 Application Note which provide the different commands in order to erase…

  • ADUC7023 cannot be burned

    programmer : jlink v9

    programmer software:JLink_V645a

    JTAG interface : TDI   TDO   TMS   TCLK TESET

    JTAG is used as a plain GPIO, and the address of 0x800014 is not 0xFFFFFFFF.

    All caused by now can not erase the chip to download again,

    is there any way…

  • mIDSA-Link can not connect ADuC7023

    I just got an ADuC7023  and a mIDSA-Link not long ago from ADI,but mIDSA-Link just can NOT connect ADuC7023 ,.

    Jtag cable is good, ADuC7023  VDDIO is good, Reset ping is good, even i pressed Reset button and connected,it is still failed.

    Somebody can help…

  • Source Code for Software UART on ADuC7023

    Is there source code available for a Software UART on the ADuC7023? Another thread from 9 years ago referred to an appended .c file but it does not appear to be available anymore.

  • ADUC7023 内部温度传感器配置问题

    在使用 ADUC7023 内部温度传感器测量温度时,读内部的温度ADC采样值,一直读会有个别ADC变动比较大的现象;请问是否有用ADUC7023内部温度传感器测温的参考代码实例?是否有下载链接?

  • ADuC7023 I2C Slave clock stretching


    I am currently using the I2C of ADuC7023 as slave. As stated in page 60 of Rev G (link below), "Clock stretching can be enabled by other devices on the bus without causing any issues with the ADuC7023. However, the ADuC7023 cannot enable clock stretching…