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    I am useing ADUC7023 to develop a syetem. The  emulator is Jlink made in the company named SEGGEN.But it seems that Jlink dose not support ADUC7023,because the chip list dose not include ADUC7023. I want to know which emulator support ADUC7023,and where…

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    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know what does 1.6V resistor mean on Figure 47 page 87 .

    This is connected in series with bead .

    Could you also let me know the Block size of the Falsh .

    We are going program / erase Flash by block and would like to know…

  • RE: I2CWSD of ADuC7023

    Yes, the same version of I2CWSD will work with parts with the revised kernel.

    The operation of the ADuC7023 has not changed in any way.

    The only difference is the ID string returned by the ADuC7023 when in download mode.

    The ID string is returned by…

  • Eval-ADuC7023 - can't use P0.4 and P0.5 as I2C pins - How do fix this?

    I am using the Eval-ADuC7023 evaluation board for the ADuC7023 and the device referenced as U5 on the PCB seems to be driving the I2C pins, P0.4/P0.5 of the ADuC7023.

    How do I disable U5 from driving P0.4/P0.5?

    I can't use these pins as I2C pins at…

  • RE: ADuC7023写程序导致芯片损坏



  • RE: How should I do to transplant my software from ADUC7020 TO ADUC7023?

    There very little you need to adapt. It depends on what peripherals you have used.

    Main difference between ADuC7020 and ADuC/023 is that the ADuC7023 does not have a UART.

    But the SPI, I2C are a bit enhanced and also a VIC (Vector Interrupt Controller…

  • RE: How much current can an ADuC7026 digital output sink?

    In post 7 of that discussion AudeR says "This is correct, the ADuC7023 GPIOs structure is the same as that on other devices of the ADuC702x family.", i.e. the structure of the ADuC7026 is the same as that for the ADuC7023.

    From what you say…

  • RE: Eval-ADuC7023 Connection not possible

    Are you using the ADI evaluation board included in the ADuC7023 development system or your own eval board design?

    From your description it seems that you are not able to communicate at all with the device: have you checked that the part is supplied correctly…