• Eval-ADuC7023 - Restore jtag download capability on an ADUC7023 eval board. I accidentally changed JTAG pins?

    How do I restore jtag download capability on an ADUC7023 eval board. I accidentally changed JTAG pins. I am receiving a message "TCK (pin 9) low, but should be high. Please check target hardware."

    I am using a mIDAS-Link and Keil uVision…

  • ADUC7023

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know what does 1.6V resistor mean on Figure 47 page 87 .

    This is connected in series with bead .

    Could you also let me know the Block size of the Falsh .

    We are going program / erase Flash by block and would like to know…

  • aduc7023


  • ADUC7023 0x800014

    Hi ,

    With regards to writing to 0x800014 area other than 0xFFFF can we change the programming area to some other place so we dont have to touch this address .

    Please let me know with regards to this issue

    Thanking you

  • ADUC7023 GPxDATA

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know when i can find information with regards to how to set GPIO to output and output 1 .

    I see on setting 31 to 24 to 1 it output but 23 to 16 bit when set to 1 it states 0 . could you please let me know if this correct…

  • About ADuC7023


    About ADuC7023 , we discovered the following abnormalities.

    please refer to attached file.

    Although I explained details below, would you give me your comments .

    We did the reappearance examination on the following conditions.

  • ADuC7023 PLA difficulties

    I am trying to generate an external 1 MHz clock using the PLA features of an ADuC7023.  I have been successful in generating a clock on an Eval-ADuC7023QSPZ1 (40-pin) P2.2, but have been failing to generate the clock using the same firmware on our target…

  • ADUC7023 Eval boards

    From the data sheet 3 boards are available, ADUC7023 with 32 or 36,or 40 pins devices.

    From ADI site, only 2 boards are available.

    EVAL-ADuC7023QSPZ uses the 32-LFCSP

    EVAL-ADuC7023QSPZ1 uses the 40-LFCSP

    My customer plans to use the 36 pins devices…

  • I2CWSD of ADuC7023

    Hi all,

    My customer has received the PCN about ADuC7023 as shown in the following link.


    She has some questions about the PCN.

      1. Could she use the previous version I2CWSD for ADuC7023…

  • Simulation model for ADUC7023

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know if there any simulation for ADUC7023 .

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes