• ADXRS649

    I was wondering if there was any source code or sample code that was available for the ADXRS649. We are using a chipKIT Max32 microprocessor and we are experiencing some difficulty trying to program that xy axis accelerometer when we thought this would…

  • About ADXRS649 gyros


         I am interested in using ADXRS649 gyros for an industrial application. Just wanted to know the following:

              1) Will the performance degrade if I use them to sense the angular rate in the horizontal "Y" axis, basically "pitch rate" rather than the…

  • ADXRS649 Calibration Options

    I need to calibrate an instrument that uses the ADXRS649 (+/- 20000 °/s) rate gyro.  This gyro will be used in a rate sensing application and will not be in a closed control loop so we need pretty good accuracy in the calibration scale factors (>= 1% of…

  • ADXRS649/UG-306 Cap size

    For the ADXRS649 eval board: UG-306, does anyone know the size of the capacitors on the eval board?  I was hoping to change C3 so that I can open up the bandwidth from the configured 10Hz to 1kHz.  Does anyone know how hard this solder job would be?


  • ADXRS649 Angular Velocity and Acceleration

    I am interested in using the ADXRS649 to measure angular velocity and acceleration.

    Based on the specifications, I believe that the sensor will be sufficient to measure angular velocity, but I was wondering if I could differentiate signal to get angular…

  • ADXRS649 Gyro and angular position

    Are there any app notes on how to integrate the rate signal of a ADXRS649 to obtain an angular position?

  • Minimum Supply Voltage for ADXRS646 and ADXRS649

    What is the minimum supply voltage for acceptable operation of the ADXRS646 and ADXRS649?

  • ADXRS649低温启动问题??




  • ADXRS649陀螺仪引脚相关


  • Is there any example code for the ADXRS649?

    I am looking for some example code for the ADXRS649 or the EVAL-ADXRS649Z