• ADXRS649

    I was wondering if there was any source code or sample code that was available for the ADXRS649. We are using a chipKIT Max32 microprocessor and we are experiencing some difficulty trying to program that xy axis accelerometer when we thought this would…

  • RE: Minimum Supply Voltage for ADXRS646 and ADXRS649

    Thank you, !

    Just in case others are interested in your source, here are the references! Thanks again!


    SOURCE: ADXRS649 Datasheet, Rev B, Page 3, Table 1


  • RE: About ADXRS649 gyros


       Thanks for the reply. Just one more question regarding ADXRS649 gyros.

       The ADXRS649 gyros, are they factory calibrated (I DONT mean temperature calibration)? Or do we need to calibrate the gyro to get better performance for example using a rate…

  • i want to use 3 adxrs649 in single chip so that it can measure spin rate along three axis. for this purpose we need to connect these in specific orientation xyz . these packages are very small we can't work on it . can analog devices or others  pr

    adxrs649 is single axis so we need readings along three axis.

  • Is there any example code for the ADXRS649?

    I am looking for some example code for the ADXRS649 or the EVAL-ADXRS649Z

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  • ADXRS649 Gyro and angular position

    Are there any app notes on how to integrate the rate signal of a ADXRS649 to obtain an angular position?

  • RE: ADXRS649 Calibration Options

    I am not aware of anyone that offers this type of service and already has fixtures for the ADXRS649, but perhaps others are aware of this type of service. Out of curiosity, why does this have to be an analog interface?  I realize the convenience of existing…

  • what is the communication protocol of adxrs649? is it compatible with arduino?

    i want to connect it with arduino but arduino has i2c network for communication. it is not mentioned in data sheet which communication protocol follow for adxrs649.