• ADXRS646 Null Output Over Temperature

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a system which uses the ADXRS646-EP to measure the rate of rotation about one axis in a vehicle.  We have a circuit to cancel the null output which we tune during production, such that the system output is zero for zero rotation…

  • Power supply for ADXRS646

    Can the ADXRS646 be run from a lower voltage than 6V, with perhaps somewhat decreased performance?  In particular could it be run from 5V supplies, with perhaps slightly decreased range and/or sensitivity?  If so, what would the specific trade-offs be?

  • ADXRS646 Vratio pin characteristics

    1) The datasheet for the ADXRS646 says essentially nothing about the load characteristics of the Vratio pin.  I need to know the requirements for driving this pin: load current sink/source, impedance to ground, etc.

    2)  Is it possible to drive Vratio with…

  • ADXRS646: connecting unused self test pins

    The datasheet of ADXRS646 does not tell where the self test pins should be
    connected if unused. Should I connect self test pins to GND if used?


    The self test pins have internal pull downs, so you can leave them float. But
  • ADXRS646 external supply for CP5

    There is any benefit to use LDO to supply CP5 instead of charge pump?

    what is the voltage rage and there is any power sequencing to respect?


  • ADXRS646 for position sensing

    For my particular application I have to use the EVAL-ADXRS646Z.

    How can I determine postion from simply measuring the output?

  • adxrs646 gyro RMS of noise


         I have a ADXRS646 gyroscope and just wondering how to I compute the RMS of noise, i.e. is there any equivalent formula as mentioned for ADXL203 accelerometer data sheet (page 12) .


  • ADXRS646抗振性的提高


  • Minimum Supply Voltage for ADXRS646 and ADXRS649

    What is the minimum supply voltage for acceptable operation of the ADXRS646 and ADXRS649?

  • The max working current for ADXRS646?

    I cannot the max working current for ADXRS646? it only shows an Quiescent Supply Current,thanks