• ADXRS646: AQEC qualification data

    The ADXRS646 product page says that ADXRS646 is AQEC qualified and the
    qualification data can be had on request. how do I request this data?


    This is an error, it was intended originally to qualify this part to AQEC but
    this was never done.…

  • ADXRS646: connecting unused self test pins

    The datasheet of ADXRS646 does not tell where the self test pins should be
    connected if unused. Should I connect self test pins to GND if used?


    The self test pins have internal pull downs, so you can leave them float. But
    connecting them to ground…

  • ADXRS646 Self Test


    We are planning to use ADXRS646-EP in one of our products and I have the following questions about the Self-Test feature.

    1) When ST1/ST2 is activated, what is the coverage of test performed? Does it test the mechanical bits of the MEMS gyro as well…

  • ADXRS646-EP Datasheet Figure 6

    Reference: Figure 6 of, ADXRS646-EP part datasheet.

    We understand, Null Bias is ratio metric to Vratio input.

    For Vratio of 6V, Null will be 3V(Typical). But in the graph (Vratio is mentioned as 5V) and Null bias is still 3V.

    As per our understanding…

  • ADXRS646-EP Questions

    1) In datasheet 'Linear Acceleration Effect' for all axes is provided. Since it is a gyro which is mostly measuring the rotational rate, can you provide test data for 'Angular' acceleration effect for the remaining rotational axes?


  • ADIS16445 - Key differences between the ADXRS646 component and the ADIS16445 inertial measurement unit

    What are the key differences between the ADXRS646 component, and the ADIS16445
    inertial measurement unit?


    The ADIS16445 is a more system-ready device in that it provides a
    fully-calibrated tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer…
  • adxrs642 or Adxrs646 is better for AHRS?


    The adxrs642 and Adxrs646 are low price gyroscopes. i'm confused to choose one of them for my IMU/AHRS!!

    the ADXRS646 have better performance(12°/hr bias stability) but ADXRS642 have more better temperature stability.

    also in ADXRS646 data…

  • The max working current for ADXRS646?

    I cannot the max working current for ADXRS646? it only shows an Quiescent Supply Current,thanks

  • ADXRS646零偏问题