• ADXRS645 range

    The ADXRS645 has a default range of ±2000 °/sec and a scaling of 1 mV/°/sec which equates to 0.5V to 4.5V centred around 2.5V. If the ±5000 °/sec option is implemented is full scale still 0.5V and 4.5V. Or should I use 0V and 5V?…

  • ADXRS645 Range Extension

    What is the relationship for increasing the range on the ADXRS645?


    The ADXRS645 scale factor can be reduced to extend the measurement range to as much as ±5000°/sec by adding a single 120 kΩ resistor between the RATEOUT and SUMJ pins…

  • ADXRS645 footprint

    Is it possible to get the altium footprints for the ADXRS645?

    Or failing that the altium or gerber files for the EVAL-ADXRS645?

    I ask as I've used the bxl file and although not obviously wrong i don't think the tolerances stack up vs the datasheet. Plus…

  • ADXRS645,想了解如下问题: Vratio引脚电压(F2引脚),不是供电电压,手册中没有规定,看起来只是一个输出参考电压。 Vratio引脚在数据手册中推荐采用的是+5V电压,我能够用+2.5V的电压吗?

    ADXRS645,想了解如下问题: Vratio引脚电压(F2引脚),不是供电电压,手册中没有规定,看起来只是一个输出参考电压。 Vratio引脚在数据手册中推荐采用的是+5V电压,我能够用+2.5V的电压吗?

  • ADXRS645

    In my application is it probable the ADXRS645 will suffer shock impacts in use, rather than changes in rotation speed.
    Sorry I can't an exact figure on shock at present. Think in terms of tens of G.

    What level of shock is likely to produce erroneous…

  • 我们购买了两片ADXRS645,想了解如下问题: 1、Vratio引脚(F2引脚)在数据手册中推荐采用的是+5V电压,我能够用+2.5V电压吗? 2、若Vratio引脚采用+2.5V,是否RATEOUT引脚初始零点输出就变成了1.25V。然后理论上最高正向转速输出+2.5V,最高负向转速就变成了0V输出? 我这样理解参数与Vratio成线性比率是正确的么?


  • ADXRS645 mounting location

    The new ADXRS645 gyro looks like it could suit our requirements for but we have restrictions on where we can mount the device, a central bore with fluid flow will not allow us to locate it so that the rate axis rotation will be dead centre. Can the gyro…

  • ADXRS645 roll gyro

    Is the ADXRS645 roll gyro affected by centripetal acceleration?

  • RE:    I am wondering if there is an easy way to connect ADXRS645 gyroscope to  labview to test it

    Thank you for your interest in the ADXRS645.  I suspect that using this breakout board would enable simple connection to an A/D device that NI offers. 

    EVAL-ADXRS645 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

    In making this connection, I would encourage you to…

  • ADXRS645的中文手册中,工作电压注明是5V左右,但是在绝对最大额定值中又说是-0.3到6.6v,那到能够使其正常工作的最低电压到底使多少V 呢?

    ADXRS645的中文手册中,工作电压注明是5V左右,但是在绝对最大额定值中又说是-0.3到6.6v,那到能够使其正常工作的最低电压到底使多少V 呢?