• ADXRS645 Range Extension

    What is the relationship for increasing the range on the ADXRS645?


    The ADXRS645 scale factor can be reduced to extend the measurement range to as much as ±5000°/sec by adding a single 120 kΩ resistor between the RATEOUT and SUMJ pins…

  • ADXRS645 footprint

    Is it possible to get the altium footprints for the ADXRS645?

    Or failing that the altium or gerber files for the EVAL-ADXRS645?

    I ask as I've used the bxl file and although not obviously wrong i don't think the tolerances stack up vs the datasheet. Plus…

  • ADXRS645

    In my application is it probable the ADXRS645 will suffer shock impacts in use, rather than changes in rotation speed.
    Sorry I can't an exact figure on shock at present. Think in terms of tens of G.

    What level of shock is likely to produce erroneous…

  • ADXRS645 roll gyro

    Is the ADXRS645 roll gyro affected by centripetal acceleration?

  • ADXRS645 mounting location

    The new ADXRS645 gyro looks like it could suit our requirements for but we have restrictions on where we can mount the device, a central bore with fluid flow will not allow us to locate it so that the rate axis rotation will be dead centre. Can the gyro…

  • RE:    I am wondering if there is an easy way to connect ADXRS645 gyroscope to  labview to test it

    Thank you for your interest in the ADXRS645.  I suspect that using this breakout board would enable simple connection to an A/D device that NI offers. 

    EVAL-ADXRS645 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

    In making this connection, I would encourage you to…

  • ADXRS645的中文手册中,工作电压注明是5V左右,但是在绝对最大额定值中又说是-0.3到6.6v,那到能够使其正常工作的最低电压到底使多少V 呢?

    ADXRS645的中文手册中,工作电压注明是5V左右,但是在绝对最大额定值中又说是-0.3到6.6v,那到能够使其正常工作的最低电压到底使多少V 呢?

  • RE: ADXR645 gold plated leads?

    Hi Anita, 

    Yes, the leads in the ADXRS645 are gold plated. 



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  • RE: Does the gyro of the ADIS16477-3 one axis saturation affect the others?

    Hello NevadaMark,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reponse, and sorry for the delay.

    Yes, We anticipate that this situation will occur along the whole operation of the sensor, or 60/75% of it at least.
    Is there any posibility to turn off that axys…