• ADXRS620 Questions

    Hi, I just get another three question about the ADXRS620:

    1. Based on the figure1  in the data sheet, may I conclude the drive axis utilize the trans-impedence circuit while the sense axis employ the charge amplifier circuit to sense the variation of…


    We use AD7685(reference voltage is 5V) to measure ADXRS620's temperature and angular velocity ,when we keep it static, the temperature value keep stable,but angular velocity change greatly(about 150mV)。

    We keep ST1 pin float and ST2 pin low。

    I don…

  • ADXRS620 and its output

    According to the datasheet of ADXRS620, the output is proportional to Vratio, but the typical input range of Vration is not clearly given. I wonder whether it is possible to choose an ADC with its reference output - 4.096V as the input of Vratio. Moreover…

  • ADXRS642 vs ADXRS620

    I was using ADXRS620 for my angular rate measurement.

    Since ADXRS620 is NRND, is ADXRS642 compatible with my 620, ie, in the same PCB (layout) used for 620 can I get same functionality with 642 (compatible in mechanical, electrical pin-outs, electrical…

  • ADXRS610 and ADXRS620 differences

    We currently use the ADXRS610 in our products.  Our manufacturer cannot get these and  has suggested we use the ADXRS620.  THe spec sheets are virtually identical except for the following statement, the ADXRS610 states, "A  single external resistor can…

  • ADXRS620 gyro and temperature output

    We've tried to sample ADXRS620 with 8-channel 16-bit ADC. And I noticed that when the gyroscope was rotating fast, the temperature output sometimes varied as well, generally 10~20LSB, about 0.1 centigrade. I don't know whether it is the inherent characteristic…

  • ADXRS620 的相关问题


    question2:为何要将C1 和C2短接到一起


  • lower ADXRS620 output impedance , higher ADC accuracy ?


    I use LTC1408 (ADC) to convert ADXL325 and ADXRS620 analog signals. LTC1408 ask to use a buffer amplifier before ADC to transform the analog signals, which have high source impedance.

    ADXL325 has an output impedance of 32k for LP filter, so it is…

  • why some of my ADXRS620 don't work


      I have some ADXRS620 ,and i make the PCB by myself ,also i solded the PCB with my Reflow soldering machine .But I fand that some of them do not work, the output always about 2.5V when i move zhe ADXRS620. I measure and fand that the voltage between…

  • 请教ADXRS620型号识别问题