• ADXRS453 with STM32


    I am beginner and I would really use some help from experienced users.

    My goal is to use ADXRS453 with help of no-os library and Nucleo with STM32F103RB.

    Short question is - how do you do that?

    I found Guide and I use provided adxrs453 drivers and…

  • ADXRS453


    We are currently using ADXRS453 angular rate sensor in defense application. In our application, this sensor is used for Safety Critical function and I am currently investigating if is possible to use ADXRS453 for Safety Critical function. 

    Due to…

  • ADXRS453 Reliability Data


    We are using ADXRS453 in our application. My question is if it is possible to use Reliability Data of ADXRS450 device for ADXRS453 item, because on your webiste I found Reliability Data related only to ADXRS450 and comparing these two equipments…

  • Zero characteristic of ADXRS453

    Hello! When I used the ADXRS453 device, I found that in the temperature range of -40℃~80℃, the static output data changes irregularly, and it cannot be compensated better. Is it my problem? When describing its zero output accuracy in the device manual…

  • ADXRS453 CP5 voltage

    I try to use my own PCB to read ADXRS453 data, and there is a CST fault.

    And I verify the voltage on the CP5 package pin, it is just in 15.3V. This is my PCB design drawings,I couldn't find what is the wrong.

  • ADXRS453 gyro never outputs -1

    I am starting to use an ADXRS453 gyro in a small circuit driven by an ARM MCU.  I created a histogram of output values while the gyro was sitting still to evaluate null performance.  I found that the gyro never outputs the value -1.  I tested with two units…

  • ADXRS453 Internal High Voltage Supply


    We are planning to use ADXRS453 in one of our PCBs. Can you please let us know if we can bypass external inductor and diode and provide the required voltage directly? What is the switching frequency of this circuit?

    Our main purpose is to minimize…

  • ADXRS453精度问题






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