• What evaluation tools are available for ADXRS290? (Part 1)

    There are two options for evaluating the ADXRS290.  One is a simple breakout board (EVAL-ADXRS290Z) and the other is a GUI based real-time evaluation system (EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M/M2).

    The EVAL-ADXRS290Z allows for quick evaluation of the ADXRS290 dual-axis…

  • What evaluation tools are available for ADXRS290? (Part 2)

    The EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M/M2 is an easy-to-use evaluation tool targeting bench or desktop characterization of the ADXRS290 gyro.  The system contains the inertial sensor evaluation main board (ISEB) and the EVAL-ADXRS290Z-S or S2 satellite board. In addition…

  • RE: ADXRS290 Offset Error

    Hi JCSO, 

    the bias does change with temperature, figures 5 and 8 of the datasheet show the sensor output vs temperature for multiple parts. 


  • How to calculate the measurement accuracy of ADXRS290 and ADXRS450?

    In datesheet,only Sensitivity of LSB/°/sec is given.(200 for 290 and 80 for 450)

    Can you give an example of calculating the measurement error by measuring a certain value, such as 10°/sec?

    Thanks a lot.

  • ADXRS290 angular random walk

    Hey there,

    the selection table (https://www.analog.com/en/parametricsearch/11176#/sort=5100,asc) for gyro sensors states that the ADXRS290 has an angular random walk of typically 0.17 °/√hr, but I don't find any information regarding the random walk inside…

  • ADXRS290连续读取的问题

    对于ADXRS290 如果想要在一次传输中想要读取到XD0 XD1 YD0 YD1,只需要发一次寄存器地址之后保持CS信号拉低一直给8*4=32个sclk信号就可以吗,还是要像ADXL345 一样把A6置成1再进行连续传输

  • DC level PDMX and PDMY outputs of the ADXRS290

    What is the output voltage of the filter circuit on page 12 of the ADXRS290 datasheet when the sensor is at rest? The datasheet only gives the sensitivity (5 mV/(deg/s) but not this at-rest level. Might be useful to add it to a future revision of the…

  • 请教ADXRS290使用一段时间后数据不对



  • Does ADXRS290 continue updating data register while sync pin is high??

    Datasheet says sync pin is kept high until the data is read but it doesn't say clearly that it stops updating data registors. In other words what  happens when the gyro gives an interrupt but we wait before reading the data