• RE: Need Help Please

    Hi Tony,

    Sorry for the confusion.  For product pricing, use the link below, you can also order samples there as well (if the link doesn't work, go to the ADXL375 product page and select "Sample & Buy"):


  • adxl375 no-OS driver


    I've found a ADXL345 no-OS driver in https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/uc-drivers-all

    but none for the ADXL375 device. Is it feasible to adapt the ADXL345 source code to the ADXL375 with minor changes (i.e. register map)? Or should…

  • RE: ADXL345 vs ADXL375: difference in Ranges/Resolutions selection

    Hi , sorry for the late response. 

    I don't think that ADXL375's 0x31 Register would be operating the same as ADXL345's 0x31 Register. 

    ADXL375 Register 0x31:

    ADXL345 Register 0x31:

    The ADXL375 is not capable of changing it range…

  • ADXL375

    Hello there, I am looking at ADXL375 for a new project.

    It shows there are three eval boards available for this part:

    EVAL-ADXL375ZBreakout Board$30.00

    EVAL-ADXL375Z-MAnalog Devices Inertial Sensor Evaluation System, Includes ADXL375 Satellite$249…

  • RE: ADXL001-70BEZ accelerations during impact the pendulum in the car headrest

    Out of curiosity, have you given consideration to the ADXL375?  The 3-axes of sensing, digital interface and numerous features might be useful.


  • RE: ADXL375 Linux Driver


    We've added support for the ADXL375 to the ADXL345 driver in this commit: iio: adxl345: Add support for the ADXL375 · analogdevicesinc/linux@102691b · GitHub 

    - Lars

  • internal clock on ADXL375-EP


    Should I assume the same internal clock accuracy on ADXL375 than on the enhanced part named ADXL375-EP? If not, how does accuracy differ in percentage? And therefore, what is the impact on the ODR?


  • RE: ADXL375 linux device driver

    I don't think we have anything specific/tested for the ADXL375 - but the register map for the ADXL345 is very close to the ADXL375 - it should be able to work with only minor tweaks.


  • ADXL375 Question

    I'm wondering if there's any way to get a higher output data rate (i.e. higher bandwidth) out of an accelerometer such as the ADXL375? We are trying in my lab to get an accelerometer similar to the ADXL375, but with an ODR of 8 kHz.

  • RE: ADIS16227 continual realtime time-domain sample capture

    As a side note, does the ADXL375 meet your need? It provides 3 axes, +/-200g, at a sample rate of 3200 SPS.