• ADXL375

    Hello there, I am looking at ADXL375 for a new project.

    It shows there are three eval boards available for this part:

    EVAL-ADXL375ZBreakout Board$30.00

    EVAL-ADXL375Z-MAnalog Devices Inertial Sensor Evaluation System, Includes ADXL375 Satellite$249…

  • ADXL375 noise

    I have and ADXL375 Eval board connected to a Adafruit M0 processor board.  I am currently using SPI communication with a speed of 4MHz.  I see noise on the accel around +/- 1G at 3200 ODR and +/- .1G at 100 ODR.  The spec suggests this should be .28G and…

  • ADXL375 Linux Driver


    I am searching for ADXL375 linux driver to access device using the linux industrial framework.

    I found the below driver for ADXL362

    ADXL362 Input 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    Is this ADXL362 compatable with ADXL375…

  • ADXL375 Noise


    Recently I use ADXL375, I'm communicating with the ADXL375 over SPI (4 wire) using a TMS320 F28069 texas intrumentDSP.

    ODR = 3200Hz.

    First : i found two offset adjustments in datasheet: p21 register 1E,1F, 20   scale factor 0.192 g/LSB


  • ADXL375 I2C interface

    My customers plan multiple acceleration sensors and multiple devices connected by I2C bus for machine health.
    They initially chose ADXL357.
    However, the datasheet says ADXL357 is suitable for PP communication, not suitable for planning.
    Is the I2C interface…

  • ADXL375 Large Noise

    I am observing large noise on ADXL375. I am running it on 4 MHz over SPI. I am using 2 ODRs: 100Hz and 800 Hz.

    On 100 Hz, the noise should be under 50mg as datasheet gives 0.005 g/sqrt(Hz), but its closer to 100mg. 

    On 800 Hz, the noise should be under…

  • Interfacing ADXL375 problem

    I have interfaced ADXL375 & I have some below. I have attached the code.

    1. The offset I am getting is huge.

    It is 1g approx on both x & y axis & 1.5g on z-axis.

    I don't know what could be problem. I read offset registers , they are all…

  • Adxl375 Faulty Sensor?


    I am getting strange readings from one of my adxl375 accelerometer. I have two sensors attached to a ball and upon taping the ball with the finger, one of the sensor is giving very large values.


    I am sampling both of them at 200Hz and they are synced…

  • ADXL375 Question

    I'm wondering if there's any way to get a higher output data rate (i.e. higher bandwidth) out of an accelerometer such as the ADXL375? We are trying in my lab to get an accelerometer similar to the ADXL375, but with an ODR of 8 kHz.

  • ADXL375 ODR


    Our customer evaluated 8 systems which is using ADXL375.

    The ODR setting is 3200Hz.

    However the output rate is little different as attached file.

    The range seems to be +/- 4%.

    Is this normal?

    Could you let me know the accuracy of ODR?