• ADXL372 Samples before and after trigger

    I am having problems setting the number of samples to be captured after and before event in triggered fifo mode.

    For example if I put adxl372_Configure_FIFO(&adxl372, 300, TRIGGERED, X_FIFO); I get a total of 300 samples after the trigger and not 212…

  • adxl372 activity interrupt problem!!!

    Hi guys

        I am now working on adxl372 these days and meeting a problem of activity interrupt.

        I want adxl372(slave) run in full bandwidth mode with activity threshold to wake up master processor.

       Here is the problem:

       1. My configurations of adxl372…

  • RE: Connecting ADXL372Z to raspberry pi Model B

    Hi Giovanna,

    You can connect the ADXL372 via SPI or I2C, I believe the raspberry pi have these pinouts which are accessible through the header.

    For ADXL372 datasheet, refer to this link https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets…

  • ADXL372 failing Self test


    I have an ADXL372 on our board. We were running test on it. All of a sudden the ADXL372 started failing the Self Test and now it is always returning 0x02 as the Self Test result. Looks like something has gone wrong with ADXL372.

    What can cause this…

  • ADXL372 Mechanical Shock Spec

    Hi ADI Expert,

    I didn't see there's Mechanical Shock Spec listed in ADXL372 datasheet like ADXL375.

    Can you please kindly help to check what's ADXL372 Mechanical Shock Spec? 

    And how long can ADXL372 can stand during this shock? Thanks very…

  • RE: We want to develop a product that measures the strength of an object by impact

    Thanks for the question, the latest released ADXL372 is targeted for impact monitoring, providing high bandwidth, low power consumption and small package size. 

  • RE: Problems with ADXL372 self-tests ?

    There's no short-term plan for a new Rev material to fix the issue on the ADXL372 yet, but I'll keep you posted. 

    The ADXL362 doesn't have the same issue since it operates entirely different on selfTest than the ADXL372.

  • RE: Capturing Impact Events of ADXL372


    Thank you but I'm not sure the MAXPEAK detection program. Is there somewhere inside the following three files?

    (They are located in "ADXL372" in "src" in the website you introduced to me in the last mail.)

    - adxl372.h

    - adxl372_example…

  • RE: ADXL372 EXT_CLOCK at above 307.2kHz seems to cause extra readings.

    Thank you for your answer and most importantly, for verifying the behaviour I've reported.  This confirmation has motivated our decision to switch to the internal clock as I mention in my other thread.

    So we might as well move our discussion to the…

  • ADXL372 Questions


    I'm currently using the ADXL372 to detect an impact along a certain axis. I currently have it connected to a 32Bit MCU and am trying to get into Instant On Mode with 30g - 40g threshold and map its output to an interrupt pin. I am using SPI to control…