• ADXL372 - Peak Detection and FIFO triggered mode?


    I'm trying to understand the peak detection feature in the ADXL372. In summary from what I understand:

    • Highest magnitude sample gets stored in MAXPEAK_x_x registers after an activity -> inactivity event happens

    Now the datasheet says:


  • ADXL372加速度

    测量模式下通过adxl372_get_accel_data读取加速度数据正常,在CAPTURING IMPACT EVENTS时,检测到活动超过阈值才会保存到FIFO中,设置活动阈值activity_th=5和非活动inactivity_th=2,但通过adxl372_get_fifo_xyz_data函数从FIFO中读取的数据有200多,这是什么原因,下面时我的配置参数

    struct adxl372_init_param adxl372_param={.bw=ADXL372_BW_400HZ…

  • ADXL372输出跳变大,不正常



    uint8_t ADXL372_Init(void)
    uint8_t ADI_id=0,self_test=0;
    uint8_t n=5;


    sys_err = ADXL372_ID_READ_ERRO…

  • ADXL372 skipping FIFO_FULL interrupt

    Looking at high frequency sampling of acceleration using ADXL372, using
    the streaming mode and draining the fifo when INT1 gives FIFO_FULL
    interrupt. ODR is 6400 and bandwidth 3200Hz. Every once in a while the ADXL372 simply skips giving one interrupt…
  • ADXL372 - FIFO data unpacking with I2C


    I'm trying to work with the ADXL372 using I2C. Due to application requirements, I want to use it in FIFO 'stream mode', by periodically fetching samples whenever it is close to being full and receive all 3-axis of accel data. I'm struggling…

  • ADXL372 self test steps in ERRATA

    I'm a DFAE in Japan . 

    When my customer runs self test procedure in ADXL372 datasheet page 24, ST_DONE bit is set to 1 after 300ms.

    But, judging from  Table1 in B-sample errata datasheet RevB on 2021/3/24 (attached) , he needs to follow the steps described…

  • ADXL372 I2C communication issue after configuration


    I am trying to use the EVAL- ADXL372Z with an ESP32 connected via I2C. Once I put the sensor in full bandwidth/Instant-on mode, the sensor starts NACK-ing all the read/write requests from the microcontroller. Pull-ups installed on both SDA & SCL lines…

  • How to use INSTAN_ON_MODE in ADXL372

    Hello, I want to use an ADXL372 to wake up a microcontroller when an impact of more than 30g occurs and read the axes from it.
    The impact profile (as described on page 19 of the data sheet in section CAPTURING IMPACT EVENTS) is of no interest at this time…

  • RE: ADXL372 Stuck In USER_NVM_BUSY

    Blimey, this was a while ago. This was a problem very early in development that I have never seen since. The project is now in production. I can only think the real fault lay in SPI problems (and there were some).that eventually got solved. Looking at…

  • ADXL372: Purpose of 'User NVM' and NV memory technology used

    Greetings - 

    We are testing the ADXL372 for a customer who would like to understand better two elements of the ADXL372:

    1. The ADXL372 makes passing reference to user-programmable non-volatile memory in the device. Specifically, mention of user-programmable…