• ADXL372 skipping FIFO_FULL interrupt

    Looking at high frequency sampling of acceleration using ADXL372, using
    the streaming mode and draining the fifo when INT1 gives FIFO_FULL
    interrupt. ODR is 6400 and bandwidth 3200Hz. Every once in a while the ADXL372 simply skips giving one interrupt…
  • How to use INSTAN_ON_MODE in ADXL372

    Hello, I want to use an ADXL372 to wake up a microcontroller when an impact of more than 30g occurs and read the axes from it.
    The impact profile (as described on page 19 of the data sheet in section CAPTURING IMPACT EVENTS) is of no interest at this time…

  • ADXL372 3200HZ odr can not get

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to measure acceleration in full bandwidth measurement mode with adxl372 and arduino nano ble 33 via SPI.

    i set ODR to 3200 hz and BW to 1600 hz and spi speed to 2mhz, but i cant get every 50 ms 170 set acceleration values, i…

  • How to configure adxl372 ACT_REF, INACT_REF


    I configured adxl372 to active at 5g and inactive at 4g.

    But It doesn't inactive at -2g.

    I want to check that Referenced activity detecting could fix the problem?

    In datasheet, It is specified that reference value is defined at full measurement…

  • ADXL372 Highest Peak Data


    I'm DFAE in JAPAN. I receved a question from my customer about highest peak data of ADXL372.

    The customer read the highest peak data register from 0x15 to 0x1A. Then the data are all 0.  The customer can read X, Y and Z axis data from 0x08 to 0x0D…

  • ADXL372 - Spikes and Zeros in Data

    Greetings Community!

    Yes, it's me again. I'm not giving up on these buggers yet!

    This time the Hardware should all be in Order, but I'll quickly draw my Setup in Visio. In essence:

    • Two ADXL372 as SPI Slaves
    • One UM232H-B USB-to-SPI Inter…
  • RE: ADXL372 Eval board, getting 0x00 from DEVID

    Hi Rusty81,

    how did you manage to get the eval board to work, as I am having the same issue with only getting a 0x00 response when I read the devices id register?



  • ADXL372 Data readings semi-random

    Greetings Community!

    I'm getting weird readings from my ADXL372. I'll include a table below.

    My setup is currently: MATLAB > UM232H (FTDI Serial Interface) > Level Shifter > ADXL372 Evaluation board

    I can read out Registers 0x00 to 0x04…

  • ADXL372 output random data.


    I am trying to read adxl372 in full bandwidth measurement mode.

    I have set register as following.

    POWER_CTRL(0x3F) == 0x3E ( I have tried with disabled filter as well 0x07 and 0x0F, but same result)

    Measurement Control Register (0x3E)  ==  0x04(3200…

  • ADXL372 extremely high noise and low sensitivity to accelerations


    We are trying to test an ADXL372 breadboard before spinning tiny accelerometer modules to measure various parts of a vehicle and extract power spectral densities at these locations. 

    The datasheet says we should see about +/-1.5g peak to peak…