• ADXL372 Self Test and ADXL372 Eval Board Limitations

    I have read the ADXL372  self test posts and they are over a year old. What is the current status with the silicon? Also, I have an ADXL372 Eval Systems and I seem to limitations reading and writing registers, including the self test registers, via the…

  • ADXL372 fifo data shifted

    I am using ADXL372 in streaming mode via SPI in polling mode. Every 15 mSec I am reading status register and checking how many sample I have in FIFO and read all available ones. I keep one set of 3 samples in FIFO as recommended in datasheet. My ODR is…

  • RE: ADXL372

    Hi Loubna, 

    sorry, the resolution of the image that you shared does not allow me to read the outputs of the serial monitor window. Can you please share a better image? 

    Just a couple of comments, the ADXL372 is a +/-200g sensor, intended for detecting high…

  • RE: ADXL372 Axis Data Issue


    The accelerometers are expected to have some unbalance due to imperfections in the MEMS structure and trimming of the part, this is specified in the datasheet as 0g offset. I think this is what you are referring to? The typical 0g offset for…

  • ADXL372 using external clock and external sync

    I like to sample data simultaneously using two ADXL372at 1600Hz.

    So, I input the external clock and external sync to them.

    Can I realize simultaneous sampling in this configuration?

    Judging from the description in the datasheet, I need to input 307.2kHz…

  • ADXL372 Strange Values after reset

    Periodically the Sensor will come out of reset (software), be configured and start measuring. The Axis will be reported at 80G static, when it should be low idle G. 

    If i reset the device again and reconfigure eventually sensible values will be reported…

  • EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ shield

    In my EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ shield, there is no level translator.

    But, judging from the pictures in the site below, EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ has the level translator)SN74CBT3244DBR).

    How can I get that version of EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ?

  • ADXL372 Awake Bit


                Can you please let me know how long does it take for the AWAKE bit to transition for 0 to 1 after after the start of an activity event?


  • ADXL372 Datasheet

    The ADXL372 Datasheet has Burst Read timing diagram for SPI bus but not for I2C, Please let me know where could I find this one.

  • ADXL372: Ext_clock + Ext_sync usage


    I'm using INT1 as ext_clock for an ADXL372 application. For the instance I have set up my sensor to have a 6400 ODR.
    Following datasheet recommendation, I have set the external clock to a 614.4kHz frequency and INT2 is configured to return data…