• ADXL372 Data readings semi-random

    Greetings Community!

    I'm getting weird readings from my ADXL372. I'll include a table below.

    My setup is currently: MATLAB > UM232H (FTDI Serial Interface) > Level Shifter > ADXL372 Evaluation board

    I can read out Registers 0x00 to 0x04…

  • ADXL372 output random data.


    I am trying to read adxl372 in full bandwidth measurement mode.

    I have set register as following.

    POWER_CTRL(0x3F) == 0x3E ( I have tried with disabled filter as well 0x07 and 0x0F, but same result)

    Measurement Control Register (0x3E)  ==  0x04(3200…

  • ADXL372 Eval board, getting 0x00 from DEVID

    Dear all,

    We bought an eval board for the ADXL372Z, I've connected VS, VIO to 3.3V, MISO, MOSI SCK and CS as standard SPI communication. Both grounds to GND.

    I'm trying to see if all works well, but when I try write the command with address 0x01 …

  • ADXL372 external clock with instant on mode

    I am trying to use the ADXL372 in instant on mode with external clock. 

    1. External clock on INT1 at 614kHz and INT2 mapped to AWAKE. In this case the INT2 is not raised when there is impact. But INT2 is raised without any impact time to time. 

    2. INT1…

  • EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ shield

    In my EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ shield, there is no level translator.

    But, judging from the pictures in the site below, EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ has the level translator)SN74CBT3244DBR).

    How can I get that version of EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ?

  • ADXL372: Ext_clock + Ext_sync usage


    I'm using INT1 as ext_clock for an ADXL372 application. For the instance I have set up my sensor to have a 6400 ODR.
    Following datasheet recommendation, I have set the external clock to a 614.4kHz frequency and INT2 is configured to return data…

  • Two ADXL372 Slaves on one SPI Interface. One Works, one doesn't

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using two ADXL372 Evaluation boards on one USB-to-SPI device by FTDI (UM232H-B-W, to be exact). The ADXL372's are being powered with 2.5V and the UM232H has logic levels that accept 2.5V amplitudes.

    I'll provide Oscilloscope…

  • ADXL372 Awake Bit


                Can you please let me know how long does it take for the AWAKE bit to transition for 0 to 1 after after the start of an activity event?


  • ADXL372 motion detect



    I wish to turn on MCU  and read Accel data periodically If there is motion.

    If there is no motion, MCU will be turned off.


    According to datasheet, ADXL372 is configured to LOOP MODE, AUTO SLEEP.

    As I understood, interrupts do not need to be handled…

  • ADXL372 using external clock and external sync

    I like to sample data simultaneously using two ADXL372at 1600Hz.

    So, I input the external clock and external sync to them.

    Can I realize simultaneous sampling in this configuration?

    Judging from the description in the datasheet, I need to input 307.2kHz…