• ADXL367

    Data Sheet ADXL367 lack some dimentions in order to do an accurate PCB in my Eagle .

    Are there room for improvement?

    Br Morten

  • Cannot initialize ADXL367 no-OS driver with I2C on STM32WB35CC

    I have not been able to initialize the no-OS driver for ADXL367 with I2C. I followed these two examples for SPI: 1 and 2.

    My code looks as follows:

    	// i2c parameters
    	struct no_os_i2c_init_param i2c_ip = {
    			.device_id = 1,										// i2c instance…

  • ADXL367 Upper and lower threshold values conversion


    How can you convert a decimal value to mg or mg to decimal value to set Activity and Inactivity threshold in the THRESH_ACT_H and THRESH_ACT_L registers. 

    In the Start-Up Routine for Autonomous Motion Switch in datasheet I am unable to understand how…

  • ADXL367 software reset timing


    I'm currently working on the no-OS driver for ADXL367 and I can't figure out the time to wait after software-resetting the device.

    Sometimes it is working after 1-2ms and other times it doesn't work even after a 10ms wait time. Is there…

  • ADXL367 Burst write operation

    Can I use a burst mode write to put the 367 into suspend mode, change several parameters and then put the 367 back into measurement mode in a single burst?

    This will save many transfers between the micro and 367.

  • What is the lowest power that the ADXL367 can consume for wake-up detection?

  • 节电性能MAX,新一代MEMS传感器面市!



    “ADI在2012年的时候发布了一款超低噪声的加速度计产品——ADXL362,截止到今天能和ADXL362的功耗相当的产品也是少之又少。” ADI亚太区微机电产品线总监赵延辉在最近的一场媒体会上指出。


  • ADXL 367 Data Register

    Currently using an MSP430G2553 board to interface with a ADXL367 EVAL board. I've played around with I2C and SPI and decided to go with SPI.

    Looking at the datasheet for the ADXL367 I haven't been able to find any information as to why my current setup…

  • Comment on Proposed, New Analog Devices Data Sheets

    In order to do an exact pcb layout, the datasheet lacks some dimentions.