• ADXL363 breakout board

    Hello All,

    Is there a breakout board available for ADXL363? Does Analog or any other supplier provides such a board?

    Thanks very much for your help. .

  • regarding adxl363

    In adxl363 what is inactivity register ? Is it similiar to inactivity register of adx345?  If yes, than what is free fall register in adx363 ? If no, then what is inactivity register.

  • Questions about Temperature sensor in ADXL363


    My customer want to use a temperature sensor in ADXL363 for measuring  ambient temperature.

    As ADXL363 datasheet, some calibration is needed for this.

    " To use the temperature sensor to monitor absolute temperature, measure and calibrate its…


    Facing problem with the accelerometer ADXL363.
    We read accelerations on 3 axes through SPI interface from AXIS DATA REGISTERS. 
    ADX363 powered by stabilized power supply from DC / DC converter.
    On the analogue power input, Vs is a filter of ceramic…
  • A Question of ADXL363 on Measuring Vibration Frequency

    ADXL363 is used in an electrical actuator. Actuator attaches to the pipeline and as the pipeline’s direction is not fixed, the direction of the acceleration is not fixed, either. The maximum Vibration acceleration is no more than 3g. As the liquid flows…

  • RE: adi_adxl363_ConfigActivity on ADucm3029


    The adxl363_accel.eww project is a sample to show how to read and write data to the onboard adxl363 acceleromete and interrupt handling. In this example, it uses only reset values of adxl363 for threshold levels.

    You can use the adi_adxl363_ConfigActivity…

  • ADuCM3029 CUP Development Board Sensorstrobe


    Does anybody have a full working example of the SensorStrobe working for the ADuCM3029 communicating with ADXL362/ADXL363? 


    The above application note describes…

  • RE: Can data be corrupted by a measurement during a SPI read?

    Thanks. I assume the hardware would be similar for the ADXL363 and ADXL364, if not any of the MEMs accelerometers with a SPI. Are any of those inside your expertise?

  • RE: Can We USE ADXL345 Measuring Vibration Frequency or not?

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for your help and you have clarified for me in another e-mail     A Question of ADXL363 on Measuring Vibration Frequency

    This customer will use ADXL363 instead of ADXL345.


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    Zhenyu Zhao

    Excelpoint International Trading…

  • ADXL 363 external clock


    In my current project, ADXL363 is used to measure 3-axis movement. I found that the internal clock is not accurate enough. The data sheet mentions that external clock can be used to improve the sampling timing accuracy. Pin INT1 can be set external…