• using ADXl362 as temperature sensor

    Hi Team,

    I have been using ADXL362 as a motion detector and I noticed from the datasheet that it also has a temperature sensor in it. I know that temperature sensor is provided to calibrate the accelerometer readings.

    But, I would like to know if it is…

  • ADXL362 Motion detection

    Hello Adxl Experts,
    I am working on motion detection system using adxl362 accelerometer device. I am a bit confused about the relation between active and inactive thresholds for both time and acceleration value.
    can u explain why should i configure inactivity…

  • RE: ADXL362 FIFO watermark Interrupt issue

    Hi ,

    Thank you for your post and your use of ADXL362!

    In removing power to ADXL362, you might want to keep this in mind: 

    Hope this helps! 

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  • Problem with motion detection using ADXL362

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently using the Nordic-Thingy-91 to test the nRF9160 and other components on the board.
    Now I am trying to implement a simple motion detection with the low power accelerometer ADXL362.
    The goal is a simple state information, if…

  • ADXL362 SPI MISO issue

    Hi there,

    Recently I meet a very strange issue about ADXL362.

    We have build a very  easy ADXL362 board with SPI interface, connect this board with NRF52832 through SPI by colored wires.

    We also set NRF52832 follow CPHA = CPOL = 0 as the datasheet indicates…

  • adxl362


  • ADXL362



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  • adxl362


    adxl362 的datasheet上面说明有些,可以在150度环境中工作4个小时,请问这个问题应该如何解决…

  • ADXL362 startup current consumption

    Hello there,

    from the data sheet the typical time from turn on to standby mode is about 5ms , but could not find what is the start up current consumption and is it effected by the operating voltage. for example If I'm operating the ADXL362 using lower…

  • RE: ADXL362 reference mode data reading


    Sorry for the late response. 
    Thank you for your post and your use of ADXL362!

    You may want to refer to this presentation for the difference in the two modes: 

    Hope this helps!

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