• ADXL362 invalid FIFO data

    Hello there,

    I'm setting the FIFO in stream mode to fire an interrupt when there are 180 samples of (x,y,z  )  tempreture is disabledgetting. Also, I'm setting the data rate at 12.5Hz. The interrupt fires periducall as I expected based on the data rate…

  • RE: adxl362 power supply

    Hi NevadaMark and Babil

    I think the design from digilent is based on the ADXL362 datasheet Rev.F, Power Supply Decoupling Section, page 37:

    "If additional decoupling is necessary, place a resistor or ferrite bead, no larger than 100 Ω, in series with…

  • RE: using ADXl362 as temperature sensor

    Thank you for posting your question in this forum.  

    From a basic perspective, it would seem like the temperature sensor would be able to provide some level of local temperature monitoring.  Here are some measurement vs temperature curves that I found, in…

  • adxl362


  • ADXL362



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  • adxl362


    adxl362 的datasheet上面说明有些,可以在150度环境中工作4个小时,请问这个问题应该如何解决…

  • ADXL362

    Original Question: ADXL362 by Praveeng


    I am not able to set threshold value in ADXL362, please suggest me how to set the threshold value in this .


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    This community is manly meant for the support for…

  • ADXL362 oscillator

    Are there any documentation on the drift due to temperature of the internal oscillator of the ADXL362.

  • ADXL362 calibration


    What is the best way to calibrate the axes of my ADXL362?

    The aspiration is that the ADXL will do it automatically after the boot of the all system.