• ADXL362

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    I am not able to set threshold value in ADXL362, please suggest me how to set the threshold value in this .


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  • ADXL700 Non-OS driver

    Dear Sir:

                    Does ADI has provide non-OS driver of ADXL700( such as ADXL362) to our for reference?


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  • ADXL362 Power Supply Requirements

    There is a question. Advice, please.

    I try to include ADXL362 in my circuit.

    ADXL362 sometimes outputs the abnormal numerical value. I worried.

    I read Datasheet and I discovered that a power supply isn't started up from 0 V.

    I composed the same…

  • adxl362


  • ADXL362

    I am using an ADXL362 in an application. On the same physical hardware, it was previously consistently read sensible values (8bit). After various changes to the interfacing firmware, and then rolling back, it now reads (8bit and 12bit) as if it has a…

  • ADXL362



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  • adxl362


    adxl362 的datasheet上面说明有些,可以在150度环境中工作4个小时,请问这个问题应该如何解决…

  • ADXL355 will cause leak current when turn off power?

    We will use ADXL355 and ADXL362 for Structure Health Monitoring application.

    We want to get sensor data from ADXL355 only when ADXL362 detect shock or vibration.

    Therefore ADXL362 is always on, but we want to turn off the ADXL355 power supply until…

  • activity recognition based on acceleration(ADXL362)

    The data sheet of ADXL362 only provides 100hz power consumption. As shown in Figure 30 of the data sheet, the ADXL362 supports data output between 12.5hz and 400hz, so I would like to ask if you can provide power consumption data of ADXL362 at different…