• ADXL362 reference mode data reading


    i'm using adxl362 acceleration sensor for my EDS system

    Since the sensor is attached upside down, i've used to set the adxl362 as reference mode.

    But Although I set threshold value quite high(more than 1000mg), the sensor often triggered without…

  • RE: Activity and in-activity detection of ADXL362


    The axes are independent but a combination of the x-y axis above the limit would trigger the activity detection. 

    For example, 

    If this is what you're referring to, then yes, the timer would continue on running and at 10 seconds, then it would…

  • RE: ADXL362 FIFO writing time

    Hi ,

    They may base on the datasheet for that matter:

    So as you can see here, since the ADXL362 can operate with external frequencies ranging from the nominal 51.2 kHz down to 25.6 kHz, the customer has 2 options to achieve this. 
    Basing on the…

  • RE: ADXL362 Wakeup Mode Transition

    Hi ,

    Sorry for the delay in our response. Thank you for your post. 

    Question:  ADXL362, Wakeup mode and Linked Mode looking for a single Activity event.  When a single event is found does the AWAKE status automatically change.  Is…
  • adxl362


  • ADXL362



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  • adxl362


    adxl362 的datasheet上面说明有些,可以在150度环境中工作4个小时,请问这个问题应该如何解决…

  • RE: ADXL362 Power Supply Requirement in start up


    Thank you for using the ADXL362. When power cycling the part, if startup voltages is higher 0V, the internal power on reset circuit might fail. I would advise to do an rigorous characterization for this case. Roughly, the higher the startup voltage…

  • ADXL362

    Original Question: ADXL362 by Praveeng


    I am not able to set threshold value in ADXL362, please suggest me how to set the threshold value in this .


    Verified Answer: RE: ADXL362 by MReddy


    This community is manly meant for the support for…

  • ADXL362 oscillator

    Are there any documentation on the drift due to temperature of the internal oscillator of the ADXL362.