• ADXL357 DRDY pulse priod for EXT_SYNC = 01, EXT_CLK =1

    I'm using ADXL357 using external clock.

    I look into the datasheet descriptons and Figure76.

    I understand

     1. external clock should be 1.024MHZ on INT2 PIN

     2. SYNC pulse on DRDY should have at least 2.91us width and it's rising edge should have 25ns…

  • ADXL357能测量速度和位移么


  • ADXL357 CS fixed to logic low?


    I'm working with an ADXL357 in SPI. I would like to know if the CS pin could be fixed to logic low, since it is the only slave in the SPI connection. 

  • ADXL357精度


  • ADXL357 measures the vibration velocity and the vibration displacement

    Hi all,

    I use a ADXL357 to measure vibration of an industrial equipment, and I can get the vibration acceleration values of x, Y, Z axis now.

    I would like to further convert the vibration acceleration value into vibration velocity value and vibration displacement…

  • ADXL357 delivers highly fluctuating values (possibly broken or missing/ bad conversion of register values)

    Dear Analog Devices Forum,

    I have a problem with theADXL357 accelerometer evaluation kit. I am using said sensor as part of a bigger prototype meant for gathering acceleration data within various logistic processes.

    I interact with the sensor via SPI…

  • ADXL357 FIFO coming in out of order


    I am having a very strange problem with the FIFO on the ADXL357. Often it works very well, I am reading it from a EFM32 microcontroller, I set the Fifo Full level to 78, and read the data out when the interrupt comes in. But, I have seen that if…

  • ADXL357测量振动位移



  • RE: ADXL357 output drift in higher frequency than 200Hz

    Thank you for sharing your feedback on this.  What flatness do you require, over the 1kHz range?  

  • ADXL357 DRDY (pin 14)


    I just want to know how is the function of DRDY (pin 14) of ADXL357 when EXT_CLK=1 and EXT_SYNC=01.

    Is its function SYNC input or DRDY output?
    The info in table 14 is a little confusing.

    In comments it says "DRDY (active high) signals that data is…