• ADXL357 Frequency Issue

    I'm testing ADXL357 evaluation board with a 159Hz 1G shaker. The amplitude looks right, but the 1x frequency after FFT is always between 156-157Hz instead of 159Hz. I have tried both reading FIFO and XYZ data register with DRDY pin interrupt. The results…

  • ADXL357 Results


    I have a ADXL357 using SPI. When I query any registers, I get a suitable result and I can retrieve acceleration data from the registers, but the values I get are incorrect.

    Code is shown below. Running the code I get the following output with no…

  • ADXL357 Self Test


    I am considering using self-test with ADXL357.

    In this case, should I set the ST1 and ST2 registers from 0x03 to 0x01?

    Or should I set them in the order of 0x03 to 0x00?

    I would like to know if the result of 0x00 is the same as the result of 0x01…

  • ADXL357 synchronization related question

    When configurating the ADXL357 device in a way of EXT_SYNC = 10, EXT_CLK = 0 with a SYNC signal that Over 4000Hz, what will happen in this case in term of behavior, will the device ignore the previous SYNC signal and fail to output data ,or it will ignore…

  • ADXL357 additional peaks in FFT


    My name is Maciej.

    I tested ADXL356 and ADXL357 accelerometers. The test consisted in placing the sensors on a professional vibration exciter from TIRA GmbH. The sensors were soldered to the EVAL-ADXL356 / EVAL-ADXL357 evaluation board, and the board…

  • ADXL357 DRDY pulse priod for EXT_SYNC = 01, EXT_CLK =1

    I'm using ADXL357 using external clock.

    I look into the datasheet descriptons and Figure76.

    I understand

     1. external clock should be 1.024MHZ on INT2 PIN

     2. SYNC pulse on DRDY should have at least 2.91us width and it's rising edge should have 25ns…

  • ADXL357能测量速度和位移么


  • ADXL357 CS fixed to logic low?


    I'm working with an ADXL357 in SPI. I would like to know if the CS pin could be fixed to logic low, since it is the only slave in the SPI connection. 

  • ADXL357精度


  • ADXL357 measures the vibration velocity and the vibration displacement

    Hi all,

    I use a ADXL357 to measure vibration of an industrial equipment, and I can get the vibration acceleration values of x, Y, Z axis now.

    I would like to further convert the vibration acceleration value into vibration velocity value and vibration displacement…