• ADXL357

    Can you tell me which registers and configuration register values ADXL357 needs to configure to output temperature and acceleration values?

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  • ADXL357 EXT_CLK usage

    hi,i can not understand the adxl357 ext_clk usage. 

          my board:



          i want to use ext_clk,because the ext_clk have High precision.But the adxl357 is bad when the adxl357 INT2 PIN(ODR set 4khz  ) coonnected to my Active…

  • RE: Noise calculation - ADXL 345 vs ADXL 354

    It looks like one of our colleagues posted an example for the ADXL355 in this discussion thread.  The ADXL355 and ADXL357 have the same interface, so this code will work.  The primary difference will be the scale factor for the data.  


  • ADXL375 I2C interface

    My customers plan multiple acceleration sensors and multiple devices connected by I2C bus for machine health.
    They initially chose ADXL357.
    However, the datasheet says ADXL357 is suitable for PP communication, not suitable for planning.
    Is the I2C interface…

  • RE: Help required for vibration sensor identification

    Thank you for your post. I would recommend taking a look at the ADXL357, to start with.  It does have a low-power standby mode, but the device does need an external command to come out of this mode and to start taking data. I hope that this helps!


  • RE: Availability of ADXL357 in Philippines

    Our customer service team would be in a better position to comment on the availability of the ADXL357.

    Sales and Distribution | Analog Devices 

    Yes, the ADXL357 does include the ADC, while the ADXL356 does not.  Hope that this helps. Sorry for the short…

  • RE: ADIS16227 Operation with a Raspberry Pi CM3

    The ADXL357 is pretty close to what you are looking for.  Its datasheet offers a bandwidth of 1500 Hz and a sample rate that is not quite 5ksps, but is close.  The bandwidth rating is a bit misleading, as it will offer response at higher than 1500 Hz, but…

  • ADXL357 usage

    Dear all:
    Questino A:, if  ADXL357 the use of external clock, I have A few questions please answer:
    1. PIN14 and PIN13 are used to connect the external crystals? How much is the two PIN feet capacitance?
    2. If PIN13 and PIN14 are used to connect external…

  • ADXL357 Accelerometer

    Hi, i can't find any code example for ADXL357.

    are you can help me?