• ADXL357 Results


    I have a ADXL357 using SPI. When I query any registers, I get a suitable result and I can retrieve acceleration data from the registers, but the values I get are incorrect.

    Code is shown below. Running the code I get the following output with no…

  • ADXL357 synchronization related question

    When configurating the ADXL357 device in a way of EXT_SYNC = 10, EXT_CLK = 0 with a SYNC signal that Over 4000Hz, what will happen in this case in term of behavior, will the device ignore the previous SYNC signal and fail to output data ,or it will ignore…

  • ADXL357



  • ADXL357 DRDY pulse priod for EXT_SYNC = 01, EXT_CLK =1

    I'm using ADXL357 using external clock.

    I look into the datasheet descriptons and Figure76.

    I understand

     1. external clock should be 1.024MHZ on INT2 PIN

     2. SYNC pulse on DRDY should have at least 2.91us width and it's rising edge should have 25ns…

  • ADXL357

    I  can  convert temperature data registers AD to temperature as datasheet description as following

    The nominal intercept is 1852 LSB at 25℃ and the nominal slope is -9.05 LSB/℃.

    How to convert x-axis data registers to accelerometers (10.24g)?

  • ADXL357

    Can you tell me which registers and configuration register values ADXL357 needs to configure to output temperature and acceleration values?

  • ADXL357 mounting guidance


         Do we have related detail ADXL357 mount guidance? Like what kind of pcb material to use and how about the size, which kind of shell to use(Stainless steel  or alumimum etc), do we need to fill buffer between the shell and the PCB.

  • ADXL357 的offset

    请问ADXL357 的offset寄存器的分辨率是多少,数据手册中没有写,设置时是把测量的偏移值直接设置进去还是乘以-1再设置进去?

  • adxl357 sample code


    Where I can find sample C code on how to use ADXL357?

    Thanks. Jian

  • ADXL357 calibration certificate


    Is there a calibration certificate available for ADXL357 sensor?

    If not how can one acquire calibration certificate?

    Anyone have some experience with calibration?

    Kind regards,