• ADXL354B&C or ADXL356 0g, not equal half V1P8ANA

    Dear All,

    In datasheet ADXL354/ADXL355 paragraph ANALOG OUTPUT the 0g bias output is nominally equal to V1P8ANA/2.

    In my application, according to the circuit below for the ADXL354CEZ and ADXL356TEZ-EP accelerometer, the voltage V1P8ANA is 1.8V, and REF…

  • adxl356 conversion to g


    How do I convert the numbers I receive from the 12 bit ADCs which are used to sample the output of the adxl356 into g?

    Thanks, A.

  • ADXL356 Output voltaje

    Hello, at this moment I am working with these sensors.
    My question is the following:

    - According to the technical data sheet, the output voltage is radiometric to 1.8 [V]. Then, the values delivered by the sensor range from -1.8 to 1.8 [V], where 0 equals…

  • RE: ADXL355 ADXL356 packaging

    Hi John,

    I have more or less the same situation. Sensor ADXL355 is exposed to static magnetic field.

    My question is, will measurement values be significantly affected by magnetic field?



  • ADXL356: Error in Datasheet? Confusion.

    In the ADXL356 datasheet the Top view shows a dot close to pin1, and pin 11 looks hook-like.

    In bottom view (p.42) the hook-like pin is labeled as #1, and the triangle also points towards the hook.

    What is right?

    Thanks for clarifying.

  • ADXL356  Evaluation of temperature sensor

    My customers are planning to use ADXL356's temperature sensor for more accurate acceleration.
    However, the plan is difficult.
    Do you have any useful knowledge for us?

    The customer first tried to evaluate the temperature sensor.
    However, the value output…

  • Output condition of ADXL356 temperature sensor


    Please let me know.

    I have read Data Sheet ADXL356 / ADXL357 Rev. 0.
    I think the description of the datasheet is not explicit about TEMP output.
    I asked in the past and got advice that the TEMP output is not ratiometric.


  • ADXL356 and temperature sensor

    I have a question about the temperature sensor built into ADXL356.

    I read the datasheet.(Data Sheet ADXL356/ADXL357 Rev. 0)
    In the datasheet, it is stated that the temperature sensor has a slope of 3 [mV / ° C] and an intercept of 892.2 [mV] at…
  • ADXL356 ADXL354 Frequency Response


    I have a question about the ADXL 356, ADXL 354 data sheet.
    Does the graph on Frequency Response reflect the internal filter, or is it the bare characteristic of the MEMS sensor?
    I guess this is a naked character.

    Data Sheet ADXL356/ADXL357 (Rev. 0…

  • About ADXL356 Self Test pin

    Hi there, I have a question about ADXL356.

    ・Please tell me the proper pin setting when the Self test function is not used. Is it okay to connect ST pin to GND?

    Best regards,