• About ADXL356 output voltage


    I am using the ADXL356 accelerometer sensor, in a datasheet, it is mentioned that in ±10g range sensor has typical sensitivity of 80 mV/g.

    I place the sensor such that  Z-axis points towards the sky and according to me I should get 80mV because…

  • Regarding ADXL356 accuracy


    When SENSITIVITY is ± 40g, min = 18.4mV / g, typ = 20mV / g, max = 21.6mV,
    This is due to individual differences, is it constant for each individual and linear over the…
  • Accelerometer ADXL356

    Quiero usar un acelerómetro ADXL 356, para medir vibración con una ESP32, ¿ Qué conexiones previas o puentes tengo que hacer al ADXL356  para ver su salida analógica con un Osciloscopio ?



  • ADXL356 Output voltaje

    Hello, at this moment I am working with these sensors.
    My question is the following:

    - According to the technical data sheet, the output voltage is radiometric to 1.8 [V]. Then, the values delivered by the sensor range from -1.8 to 1.8 [V], where 0 equals…

  • Eagle Library FOR ADXL356

    I want to modify the Evaluation board for ADXL 356, where can I find the EAGLE library for ADXL356

  • ADXL356 and temperature sensor

    I have a question about the temperature sensor built into ADXL356.

    I read the datasheet.(Data Sheet ADXL356/ADXL357 Rev. 0)
    In the datasheet, it is stated that the temperature sensor has a slope of 3 [mV / ° C] and an intercept of 892.2 [mV] at…
  • ADXL356 Supply Voltage


    I am considering ADXL356.
    In the specifications, the typical of Vsupply is 2.5V, but in the order guide, the specified voltage is 3.3V.
    Is it recommended to use 2.5V or 3.3V?
  • ADXL356 ADXL354 Frequency Response


    I have a question about the ADXL 356, ADXL 354 data sheet.
    Does the graph on Frequency Response reflect the internal filter, or is it the bare characteristic of the MEMS sensor?
    I guess this is a naked character.

    Data Sheet ADXL356/ADXL357 (Rev. 0…

  • ADXL356 ADC Interface


    In the ADXL356 datasheet, the AD7682 ratiometric ADC is suggested as a  a direct interface.

    Are there any other ADCs which can be use to interface directly to the ADXL356?

    Thank you,


  • EVAL-ADXL356

    - In order to get a cutoff frequency (1300 Hz) for the three axes (X,Y, and Z), I will replace the capacitors C1, C2, and C3 with different ones of capacitance ~0.0038 μF.

     Is the mentioned C value correct?


    - Another question regarding the "range" and…