• ADXL355 INT1 bahavior


    ADXL355 register INT_MAP is set to 0x00, and POWER_CTL is set to 0x00, so that the ADXL355 enters Measurement Mode, at this time, INT1 PIN will become a high-level regardless of INT_POL setting to 0 or 1, is it correct behavior?

  • ADXL355 with stm32

    I am trying to use stm32 to read data from ADXL355, but I am not very familiar with stm32. Is there any source code that can help me to directly read it?

    Thank you very much!

  • ADXL355 calibration

    Hi Team,

       We use ADXL355, We need to calibrate when the chip install in the measured object by the software as below.

     But we can't get ideal result, Can you help to check ?


  • ADXL355 tristate

    ADXL355 MISO will goes to tri-state when /CS goes HIGH, can you confirm.

    It was not stated in datasheet, although diagram showed it does, but I preferred word to confirm it. 

  • ADXL355 availability

    Hi experts!

    I would like to know some informations about the vailability of the ADXL355 sensor.
    We developed some electronics with the sensor but since some weeks I cannot find any distributor to buy the chip.

    Can you help me?


  • ADXL355 Communication

    Issue:For some reason I can not seem to get any communication from the sensor. Whenever I try to read the Device id or any other register i just get 0. I have read the reference manual several times, and done the following but still nothing, am I missing…

  • about ADXL355


    I would like to know a few things before buying it:

    1) if the evaluation board was necessary to use ADXL355 with SPI communication.

    2) if it was possible to have the graphs of the Normalized Frequency Response  at 4 kHz ODR with the range +-…

  • ADXL355 Noise

    Sorry i'm a rookie

    I use arduino for data reading and labview for data display(image2).
    I found that the noise range of ADXL355 is between +-1cm/s^2.
    But I saw(image1) in other people's seismograph system data that the noise is within +-0.3cm/^2, the…

  • ADXl355

    Good aftrenoon!

    On your web site


    There is a Video there `Lowest Power Edge Nodes: Structural Health Monitoring `

    Can you give me the parts use and reference numbers. I would like…