• ADXL355 Unstable Output

    Hi all,

    We are using the ADXL355B in a sensor that takes a measurement by averaging 500 raw samples from the ADXL355B. A measurement is taken every one minute. The ADXL355B is completely unpowered during the 1 minute interval. The ADXL355B is powered…
  • Questions about Software Reset for ADXL355

    When the shadow register changes on P40 of the data sheet, it is stated that the shadow register matches by repeating software reset or performing POR (Power-on-reset).

    I have two questions.

    (1) Are all the shadow register values the same?
    Or is it…

  • About software reset timing of ADXL355


    I have  questions about the timing of a software reset on the ADXL355.
    Transmission and reception are described in the direction seen from the ADXL355 side.

    (1) Time until the software reset command can be received from POR
    (2) Time from receiving…

  • ADXL355 FIFO read glitch


    I am trying to prototype the ADXL355 with an Arduino Due.

    I am trying to read from the FIFO.

    I notice that for some readings, I see a z value in the place of a y value and an x value in the place of a z value.

    However, for the next trio of measurements…

  • ADXL355 SPI bus layout

    Hi to all users!
    I'm designing board using ADXL355 (I bought several ADXL355 evaluation boards).
    First test board was designed with bus length (track length) of 18.5mm, track width 0.3mm and track space 0.3mm, LDO to power ADXL355 while dsPIC powered…

  • RE: ADXL355 for Seismometer

    Why 200Hz bandwidth ? do you mean sampling rate ?

    ADXL355 has predefined 125 and 250 samples per second, with LPF (bandwidth) = 31.25 and 62.5 Hz respectively.

    With 125 samples per second I get RMS = 0.09 mg.

  • About the power sequence of ADXL355


    It is specified in the data sheet P23 that Vsupply should be started after 10us after inputting VDDIO.
    Is 10us required for this delay?
    For example, is it okay to turn on Vsupply 1ms after turning on VDDIO?

    I would be grateful if you could reply…

  • ADXL355 Sample Rate

    I have been reading through the datasheet for the ADXL355 and I am having trouble understanding how quickly I can get readings. My plan is to read acceleration data using SPI from 4 ADXL355s. What I need to know is how long it takes to get a reading.…

  • Big error in Temperature Dependancy Curve of ADXL355

    I've done measurements over the temperature between -20°C to +80°C. I got this result around 0 degree. The temperature starts -20°C and increases up to +80°C. Then it decreases down to -20°C. The temperatures changed roughly at the rate of 34°C/hour.…

  • odd resolution Z axis for ADXL355 - missing histograms bins


    I ploted some statistics from raw data of ADXL355 and I noticed that histogram for Z axis look like missing some bins that might mean it might be somehow upsampled instead of default 20bit.

    Any explanation why this happen?