• RE: ADXL354 output

    HI ,

    Thank you for your post and your use of ADXL354.

    I'm assuming that you have placed the device in its normal position (z-axis facing up) and also using a range of +/- 4g. 

    The values that you are getting for the z-axis signifies that it is…

  • ADXL354 reliability

    Hi All,

    We use ADXL354 to replace ADXL203 recently. Our product is detecting vibration, shock can up to 500g. We can care about the vibration start or not. So high shock range is not suitable for us. 

    We found ADXL354 sensitivity drop down for some time…

  • ADXL354 reading


    This is my first time using adi product.

    Sorry for asking you stupid quastions.. i have no one to ask..

    I bought ADXL354 few days ago.Yesterday i tried to read numders from it but seems i did it wrong.


  • ADXL354 Temperature Conversion

    Hi to all,

    I'm working on an ADXL354 analog accelerometer with internal temperature sensor; the accelerometer values are ok but I can not correctly convert temperature voltage output in Celsius degrees.

    What I make is:

    Temperature [°C] = 25  +  (…

  • ADXL354 Noise Density


    Looking into ADXL354 datasheet, I found 20 ug/sqrt(Hz) noise density value. Is this value the same for each measurement range? (±2g , ±4g ,±8g ) . If not the same, please can you explain the values for each range?

    Also Which frequency range is this…

  • ADXL354 System Noise


    I am currently working on a project that has this requirement: Accelerometer RMS Noise: System noise shall be less than 40 µg measured over 0-30 Hz

    I am now looking at the ADXL354 datasheet. I found out that the Noise Density at +- 2g range…

  • ADXL354 signal

    I have recorded  these 2 signals coming from a shot. Acquisition parameters are the same; the board containing ADXL354 is fixed firmly to an externa box, in strong contact to  ground.

    The differance between signals is great, i think my procedure has something…

  • ADXL356 ADXL354 Frequency Response


    I have a question about the ADXL 356, ADXL 354 data sheet.
    Does the graph on Frequency Response reflect the internal filter, or is it the bare characteristic of the MEMS sensor?
    I guess this is a naked character.

    Data Sheet ADXL356/ADXL357 (Rev. 0…

  • Question about ADXL354

    Hi All,

    I'd like to know the status of the three output (X,Y,Z)  when ADXL354 goes wrong.

    - How are these outputs when mechanical failures occur? All of them become GND voltage or Vsupply?

    - How are these outputs when electrical failure occur? All…

  • RE: ADXL354 self test

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    Thank you for your post!

    The ADXL354's self test feature rejects externally applied acceleration. This will not influence the self-test output.

    Hope this helps! 

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