• ADXL354 reading


    This is my first time using adi product.

    Sorry for asking you stupid quastions.. i have no one to ask..

    I bought ADXL354 few days ago.Yesterday i tried to read numders from it but seems i did it wrong.


  • sensing a 0.5g

    hope you are having a nice day !
    my question is : can the ADXL354/ADXL355 sensors capture a 0.5g shock? 
    if not can you suggest a sensor that can capture it with a " density noise " similar to  ADXL355/ADXL354.
    thank you for your attention. 
    I appreciate…

  • RE: ADXL203 alternative

    Thank you for your post and for your use of the ADXL203! Check out the ADXL354. 


    I hope that this helps!

  • RE: Accelerometer Suggestion for Pipe Vibrations

    The recently-released ADXL354 and ADXL355 offer better noise and range, while also including a third axis.



  • How to adjust analog output band width(ADXL354)

    Hi! all.

    I am considering the ADXL354 for vibration product development.

    According to the ADXL354 datasheet, the bandwidth can be adjusted, and we ask if you can provide specific methods or related materials.

    Thank you.

  • RE: MEMS传感器ADXL354断电后又上电出现死机情况


  • RE: ADXL354的最低分辨率能达到ADXL203的1mg吗?

    ADXL203的噪声是110ug/rtHz, ADXL354是20ug/rtHz, 所以ADXL354的分辨率与ADXL203相比,有了5倍的提高。

  • Could the resolution of ADXL354 be better than 1mg?

    The ADXL203 has the 1mg resolution at 60Hz. But the ADXL354 Data Sheet doesn't show the best resolution. So, i want to know the best resolution of ADXL354. 

    English is my second language, so i'm not very proficient in English writting. Excuse my poor…

  • RE: ADXL354 ST1 ST2 pin


    They want to know how ADXL354 working when ST1 and ST2 left open?

    They have started feasibililty study for vibration correction on their system.(They already have EVAL board)

    At first they ask the query to prevent ADXL354 will be damege.

    I have…