• ADXL350: Where can I find the user guide for ADXL350 Evaluation System?

    Where can I find the user guide for ADXL350 Evaluation System? It is not on
    ADXL350 page on www.analog.com


    Please see attached Rev 0 of the EVAL-ADXL350Z-M User Guide. This user guide
    will be posted to our website shortly. (Please…
  • ADXL350


    I'm using a ADXL350 in my design to detect the motion of my hardware. I have some trouble to understand how to set up the OFFSET for the three axis. I understood I should read the output for X Y and Z (command 0x32 and followings) first and then…

  • ADXL350 ADC condition


    ・About ADXL350, are there digital filter AC characteristics data ?

    ・How Hz is internal clock dipersion and ADC sampling rate?

        Because simultaneous data is required.  

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  • ADXL350 static acceleration


    I am using ADXL350 to detect the angle of rotation for certaim range. Eg. 0 to 60deg, but sometime data is over-range. may be because the data include dynamic acceleration (due to vibration). Is it possible to measure only static acceleration?

  • ADXL350 evaluation board documentation


    I received the ADXL350 evaluation board but on the installation CD, I cannot find the folder ‘ADXL350z’ as for the other devices  (schematic, guide, layout).

    Where could I find this information.

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  • ADXL350 for Digital Angle Meter?

    I'm sure everyone has seen those small digital angle meters with reported accuracy typically 0.1 or 0.2 degrees. I'm looking to design something that can have an accuracy of 0.05 degrees and I think perhaps the ADXL350 might be a good candidate.…

  • Layout information of ADXL350

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    Where can i find layout information for ADXL350 Evaluation board .

    I have got schematics and other details but not layout information .

    Please let me know.

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  • 寻找ADXL350的Linux驱动







  • ADXL346/ADXL345/ADXL350 I2C broadcast address


    Does ADXL346/ADXL345/ADXL350 respond to I2C general call address?


    (See page 30 for general call address.)

    Regards, IN

  • ADXL350最简初始化问题


    void main(void)


        WriteToADXL350ViaSpi(0X31, 1, 0X2b);  // DATA FORMAT  +-8G 右对齐 中断低电平有效       0010 1011

        WriteToADXL350ViaSpi(0X2D, 1, 0X08);  // POWER on standby

        WriteToADXL350ViaSpi(0X2E, 1, 0X80);  //  中断