• ADXL350: Where can I find the user guide for ADXL350 Evaluation System?

    Where can I find the user guide for ADXL350 Evaluation System? It is not on
    ADXL350 page on www.analog.com


    Please see attached Rev 0 of the EVAL-ADXL350Z-M User Guide. This user guide
    will be posted to our website shortly. (Please make sure…

  • ADXL350 - Non-operation at high temperature

    < It's related to non-operation at high temperature >

    When the surface temperature of the ADXL350 is 40°C or higher, the register is not read/write when the power is turned on/off.
    In this state, it is maintained even when the JTAG debug is…

  • ADXL350 Abnormal behavior

    Hello, I'm Dohwan Kim. I'm a Korean.
    Please understand that I am not good at English.

    Our company used the ADXL350 to make a Roll Data measuring device. 200 units a year were produced for 3 years, and there are plans to continue production for…

  • Is the ADXL346 socketed on the EVAL-ADXL346Z-S?

    Is there a socket for mounting ADXL346 included on the EVAL-ADXL346Z-S?


    Yes there is a hinged socket on the ADXL345, ADXL346 and ADXL350 satellite
    boards. The ADXL part is placed inside the socket The pin indicator on the
    socket should match…

  • Help with choosing tilt measuring device

    We wish to purchase a small 3 axis tilt measuring device (gyro, accelerometer,
    etc) to measure the inclination of a stylus from the vertical position. This
    info will be used by the tablet PC (coupled with nib pressure) to have a smart
    stylus which…

  • Debugging Communication problems with MEMS Sensors (I2C or SPI)

    1         Introduction

    Many of the issues we get for support at ez.analog.com for the MEMS sensors relate around basic communications problems.  In these days of “plug and play” software and interfaces some of the basic I2C and SPI communications can be troublesome…

  • Comment on 【在线研讨会回顾】测试与测量方法以及解决方案

    有相关问题,欢迎大家跟帖提出,别忘了咱们论坛是有专家坐镇支持的哦(*^__^*) ……










  • ADI出品丨加速度计、惯性测量单元相关问题解答,下载从速!

    在人工智能、大数据以及物联网的进一步发展之下,数据的收集显得尤为重要,而与收集数据息息相关的传感器市场将更加广阔。尤其是物联网的发展,传感器产品需求大幅增加,重心也逐渐转向技术含量较高的 MEMS 传感器领域。
    MEMS 的全称是微型电子机械系统,利用传统的半导体工艺和材料,集微传感器、微执行器、微机械机构、信号处理和控制电路、高性能电子集成器件、接口、通信和电源等于一体的微型器件或系统。具有小体积、低成本、集成化等特点。