• ADXL346 Aliasing?

    Is there any aliasing possible in the ADXL346 above 1.6 KHz bandwidth?

  • ADXL346 doesn't respond


    I have been using an ADXL346 successfully for 18 months. I talk to it via SPI at 4 Mhz. Lately, in a product variant, I am seeing all 0xFF for all the registers. One of my debug tools is reading all the registers and displaying them on my…

  • ADXL345 / ADXL346

    What's the difference between these two, besides the power?  Was this just a die revision, or was it complete redesign?  Did the update rate issue with the 345 get fixed in the 346?



  • ADXL346 aliasing problem


    according to the previous discussion.

    "The ADXL346 has a single pole low pass filter with a -3dB bandwidth of 1.6kHz, so aliasing is possible above 1.6kHz in the roll-off region."

    Is there any measure to solve this issue in this kind of…

  • ADXL345, ADXL346 - Operational Differences

    I am migrating a design from the ADXL346 to the ADXL345.  My interface code has only changed the Device ID compare value (from E6 to E5).  Are there other interface operational differences between the ADXL345 and ADXL346?  I only use the 'Activity' and …

  • ADXL344 vs ADXL346

    Trying to pick one out, but having a hard time discerning the difference in the datasheet - these parts look pretty much identical. What's the difference? which one should I go with?

    Thank you!

  • ADXL346 not outputting anything?

    Hi, I am using an Adxl346 with a CPLD for a project. I have coded a program through VHDL which should set up the accelerometer and have it send it's reading back into the CPLD however I am getting no reaction from the ADXL346 when I connect it to the…

  • choosing ADXL346 interrupt ??


    I am using ADXL346 in my application.

    I need it to interrupted when it sense in Z or Y axis   12g for more than 300mSec.

    What interrupt should I use?  SINGLE_TAP or Activity or other?

    What will append to the sensor when it will be 20g? What result…

  • ADXL346 trigger mode


    ADXL346 can work in a trigger mode where once trigger bit D5 of FIFO_CTL register is set either to INT1 or INT2 and bits (D7 D6) of this register are set to trigger mode (1 1) the FIFO will hold the last data samples before trigger event. What I…


    Dear Analog,

    I recently ordered an eval board EVAL-ADXL346-DB. I have a couple of questions:

    1) I am able to read the data out in x,y and z axis. But however this data seems like decimated data. How do I read the undecimated data out of the x,y and…