• ADXL345 EMC Tests for the ADXL345 at higher frequencies available?

    Are there any higher frequency EMC tests available for the ADXL345?


    EMC testing has been performed for the 10 Hz – 1000 Hz but not at the 127.7 MHz
    frequency. These products are used in cellphones (by the millions), so EMC
    there is…
  • RE: ESD Ratings for the ADXL345

    Hi Makio, 

    this is the rating table for the ADXL345: 

    I hope it helps, 


  • How do I calculate vibration with ADXL345?

    Hello! Trying to calculate vibration in the gearbox of a rotating machine using adxl345 acceleration data. Not really sure how to take these xyz acceleration value outputs and calculate a single vibration variable that can be displayed on a dashboard…

  • Power Optimization on ADXL345


    I am trying to Develop a energy efficient device that would monitor the activity 24/7.For that i am using the ADXL345 accelerometer sensor. Since i am a new to this i am not aware different power optimization techniques available for ADXL345.So could…

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  • ADXL345-EP


    The ADXL345-EP shows the normal operating temperature range as −55 to +105. The ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS table shows the temperature range Powered as −55°C to +105°C , and the storage temperature range as −65°C to +150°C. I want to verify that…

  • RE: ADXL345-DB SD Card not working

    Hi Ken500, 

    I am sorry you are experiencing problems with this evaluation board. I have encountered this issue before, and I believe that is because the firmware loaded in the board only supports 2Gb SD cards. 

    Can you please try to load the attached firmware…

  • ADXL345 Bandwith


    We are using the ADXL345. The datasheet don't include detailed information about filter and sensor electronic. The main question is if the sensor output are filtered or is the output of the acc sensor sampled direct and filtered digital only?…

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    i want measure tilt angle with 0.2degree resolution .so any one can tell me  i cant achive it with adxl345 or not if yes then tell me what is min resolution in angle ..

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    I have an ADXL345 accelerometer and need to change the range to +/- 16g. I have downloaded the ARMSWD program and KEIL and the 'sample project' however so far I can't change the range.

    In the 'sample project' the DevBoard project referred…